The Estates and Forests of Chikmagalur – Road Trip Adventure


The Estates and Forests of Chikmagalur – Road Trip Adventure

Karnataka is a state that boasts many landscapes. From the arid Deccan plateau with its dramatic rock formations and old medieval towns to the lush mountains of the Western Ghats, the amazing sights never end. This is why Bangaloreans have the option of so many intriguing destinations and exciting road trips within the state itself. One of these most engaging routes is the one to Chikmagalur, as one charts a 240-km journey west into the misty mountains. With a self-driving car rental app, this trip can be planned at any time. Here are some of the interesting highlights of the journey.

Enroute attractions

An early start on the NH75 is recommended as this busy route starts seeing more traffic as the day progresses. As one enters the Hassan district, Shravanabelagola offers some famous landmarks that are worth a detour. Most prominent amongst these is the statue of Bharata Chakravartin, an ancient emperor who also gave India the name ‘Bharat’. This town is known for its Jain sculptures and temples, and the oldest date back millennia. The Bahubali Gommateshwara is more than a thousand years old and remains one of the largest free-standing statues on the planet.

The wondrous scenery of Chikmagalur

The town of Chikmagalur is located at a little over 1000 metres and is known for its chilly evenings, especially in the beginning of the year. It is an ideal base to explore some of the most celebrated tiger habitats nearby along with the scenic coffee estates and multiple trekking routes.

Mullayanagiri, the highest mountain in Karnataka is the most recognisable attraction near Chikmagalur, with its bald summit surrounded by some of the thickest forests in India. Just like many peaks in Southern India, this one too comes with a legend involving a saint and a temple. Close to the summit, visitors can explore some caves. Baba Budangiri is another nice peak to trek too, and it too is a place of pilgrimage, interestingly a multi-religious one.

Driving around Chikmagalur and higher into the Western Ghats provides many photo ops for those who love taking pictures. Apart from striking viewpoints and panoramic views of the valley, one needs to peer into the vegetation to sight some of the vibrant and colourful bird and insect life. 

The Kudremukh National Park, named after its highest peak, is a treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The grassy Shola slopes at the higher summits are juxtaposed with the impenetrable forest below – home to endemic species like the lion-tailed macaque and the majestic tiger.

Drive to Chikmagalur in a rental car

One cannot fathom such a trip with the restrictions of public transport or even a chauffeured cab. The best way to enjoy the trip to Chikmagalur, complete with impromptu chai stops and interesting detours, is via a rental.

The Estates and Forests of Chikmagalur – Road Trip Adventure

This is why most travellers opt for self driven cars in Bangalore. With the largest spectrum of the latest cars on offer, and 24/7 on-road support providing an extra security provision, app-based Zoomcar is the preferred choice for the informed road-tripper.


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