The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh


The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh

One of the busiest and most popular routes for driving, the highways connecting Delhi and Chandigarh are experiences in themselves. Both NH 9 and NH 44. Each presents you with changing the landscape from the concrete skyline to the rustic countryside of Haryana and Punjab. But most importantly, these highways are known for being one of the best food trails of this part of the country, particularly, NH 44. The highway eateries and family owned dhabas on this route have been appeasing hungry travelers for generations. While some of them are classic and conventional, some are newer additions to the trail, all ready to serve the growing population of road travelers.

The best way to enjoy the Delhi-Chandigarh food trail is to book a licensed Delhi to Chandigarh cab service, so you can stop at every popular name on the list and experience their individual magic.

The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh

Gulshan Dhaba

Location: Sonipat, Haryana, 43 Km from Delhi

This is one of the first significant eateries you will come across on this route. A contemporary take on the traditional-style dhaba, this restaurant serves only authentic Punjabi dishes. They are known for their signature meal platters or thali. But what really takes your breath away is the sinfully buttered, stuffed parathas, served with an extra dollop of homemade butter, dal, and raita. It is sure to satiate your appetite for the long drive ahead, but will definitely keep your heart wanting more.

Garam Dharam Dhaba

Location: Murthal, Haryana, 46 Km from Delhi

As soon as you cross the city limits of Delhi, this fancy and colorful eatery grabs your attention and is quite prominent on this route. While the name might throw off a few people at first, Bollywood fans might recognize that the place is being named after the veteran movie star Dharmendra. Designed in a retro-Bollywood theme with a rustic touch, Garam Dharam Dhaba definitely calls for a visit.

The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

Location: Sonipat, Haryana, 46 Km from Delhi

One of the oldest eateries on this route, this traditional dhaba was turned into a swanky, food complex some years ago. And no matter what time of the day you are passing by Murthal, you cannot miss the sparkling façade of this diner. Perfect for families and large groups, this place has a huge seating area and an equally exhaustive menu. From a huge spread of multi-cuisine buffet to a holistic a-la-carte menu, to an elaborate in-house bakery, confectionary, beverage, and snack counter, Amrik Sukhdev is a culinary experience to savor. And the best part? They are open round-the-clock to serve travelers at every hour.

The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh


Location: Murthal, Haryana, 50 Km from Delhi

Calling this place a dhaba or a restaurant is an understatement. Apt to its name, this is no less than a palace, albeit of food. The themed décor displays an ornate truck and a stone elephant at the entrance, and plush interiors. Although grand, the place exudes a village-style ambiance and makes it an experience to cherish. As far as the food is concerned, Haveli tops the chart of best places to dine on NH 44 and have been acclaimed by bloggers and travelers about their fine food. With a huge sit-down area and an outdoor food court serving an array of snacks, desserts, and beverages, Haveli will surely have you spoiled for choices.

Neelkanth Dhaba

Location: Karnal, Haryana, 144 Km from Delhi

As they claim on their restaurant motto, the taste of this dhaba’s food is truly unforgettable. But it is not your regular open-air eatery, but a complete indoor restaurant with ample seating, good vibes, and a menu overflowing with flavors.

The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh

Puran Singh Da Dhaba

Location: Ambala Cantonment, Ambala, 196 Km from Delhi

Although locally a famous haunt, Puran Singh has also earned quite a name outside the Cantonment and among travelers along this route. Though low key in its appearance, they beat their décor with the delectable menu. Mostly open through lunch hours, Puran Singh specialized in Keema Kaleji and home-style chicken and mutton curries that the owners’ family have been making for generations. And don’t forget to try their super ‘crisp’ tandoori roti to dig into the curries.

Sethi Dhaba

Location: Zirakpur, Chandigarh, 233 Km from Delhi

Just before you enter the perimeters of Chandigarh, you will be greeted by this dhaba near Silver City, Zirakpur. And you cannot miss its location, because of the life-size poster of famous Punjabi singer Gurdaas Mann. With outdoor seating on wooden charpai/khat, lanterns (only used in evenings), clay statues of village folks, and an old tractor adorning the façade, this place gives you the perfect feel of a classic dhaba. To make it more real, the owners also have a music session in the evenings. Along with the ambiance, their purely vegetarian menu is equally wholesome, with dishes like Makke ki Roti and Dal Makhani being the stars of the show.

The Food trail from Delhi to Chandigarh

A road trip is all about the experience, be it the changing locales, different communities, and their individual cultures. And nothing makes that experience more intense than exploring the food from each of these communities. After all, good food is fuel for a great drive! So, avail a reliable and safe Delhi car rental and take your tastebuds on a joyride!



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