The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition Showcases it’s Heirloom Collection 2019-20


The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition Showcases it’s Heirloom Collection 2019-20

by Ms. Varuna Anand, Founder & Designer, The Splendor of Kashmir

  • Exclusive Luxurious Collection of Pashmina Shawls from Kashmir
  • The Exhibition is promoting the Age Old Art of Shawl Making of Kashmir
  • Collection emphasizes on recreating the Legendary Splendor of this timeless textiles to be passed on as Heirloom from generation to generation!

The Splendor of Kashmir (SOK) by Varuna Anand is back with NEW Collection. . The Exhibition will be at Taj Chandigarh (30th November and 1st December from 11AM – 7 PM).  It is a modest endeavor to take the famed Art of Shawl making from Jammu & Kashmir to the admirers of this Art, both within India and overseas. And is aimed at both the Collectors of Art and all those who want to start building on their collection of these hand crafted wonders from Kashmir.

The hi-profile Exhibition is organized in different parts of India showcasing its Exclusive Range of Shawls and Stoles from Kashmir. It is a humble endeavor initiated by Ms. Varuna Anand to encourage the age old Art of Shawl making from Kashmir by Master Craftsmen.


To meet the ever increasing demand, this year Ms. Anand is Exhibiting an Exclusive  Collection of Premium Pashmina Shawls along with other wide range of Hand were the Corporate and Wedding Gifts, which makes an integral part of her Collection.

Embroidered and Hand Woven Kalamkari Shawls, (hand painted & hand embroidered) followed by ever trending Border and Palla Shawls. Also on display

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Varuna Anand, Designer & Founder, The Splendor of Kashmir said, “When it comes to spending on extravagant  creations, The Splendor of Kashmir has always designed its products keeping in mind its customers. The Heirloom Collection 2019-20 will have its premium handcrafted shawls, which are an example of ultimate skill and artistry applied to one of the world’s most delicate fibres namely Pashmina. My every piece is a limited edition in its own way and is non repetitive. In the past also we have been exhibiting and shared exclusive and wide range of The Splendor of Kashmir.”


This season, The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition has commenced from October, 2019 till January, 2020. It travels to Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, & Chandigarh. It’s one of the most awaited events amongst the Heirlooms and Art lovers, who wait for this event every year to add to their Collection of Heirlooms and Masterpieces!

Achievements of Ms. Varuna Anand

  • Recently, Varuna was facilitated with  “Priyadarshini Award” by The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) in 2019.


  • Varuna also received “The Creative Women Entrepreneur Award 2019. Here, SOK was acknowledged at the BW Disrupt Women Entrepreneurship Awards 2019, where a total of 14  Top Women Entrepreneurs from India were facilitated.

The Splendor of Kashmir Exhibition Showcases it’s Heirloom Collection 2019-20

In 2017,  Varuna was conferred with the prestigious “Times Women Achievers Award J&K 2017, as a recognition of her efforts to promote the Art of Shawl making from Jammu & Kashmir.




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