The trend of buying jewellery:on which occasion you should purchase it or gift it?


The trend of buying jewellery: on which occasion you should purchase it or gift it?

There are so many things that you buy in your day today life right? But how often do you purchase a jewellery piece for you? Don’t you feel that you should get yourself something that you can appreciate and cherish the rest of your life? 

What makes jewellery popular?

You know what jewellery is one thing that can make you happy instantly no matter what. The charm, durability and endlessness make jewellery popular. You can find families and businessmen attracted towards buying jewellery pieces.  They don’t just do it for their pleasure and leisure but also for their investment.

Indeed it is true that you have no shortage in the options these days. You can talk to jewellers like Waman hari pethe jewellers Kolhapur and find out what exactly you are looking for. The purpose is to get a piece that says your mind and reflect your style. You can keep jewellerywith you for the rest of your life. The coolest thing about these items is that you can find one that is suitable for you. For example, you can buy rings, necklaces, bracelets, coins and much more. These are the items that can adorn you anytime and every time that too without losing their charm.

The trend of buying jewellery: on which occasion you should purchase it or gift it?

When can you give a jewellery gift?

You know there are many people who want to give a gold ring or jewellery present to their loved ones, spouse, children, parents or friend but they have no idea when to give it.  Following are a few occasions that can be picked for giving a jewellery gift to your loved ones.


The celebration of the date of birth of a dear one is surely the perfect day to give jewellery. It does not have to be a piece of huge jewellery or something extremely expensive. For birthdays, you can pick or select something that has a sentimental value or that represents or showcases the month of birth. You can find the jewellery pieces that are perfect for a specific month for or day. You can choose the ones from the collection that the stores have for you or simply get it modified and made too from the scratch.

Anniversary: a great occasion 

Another wonderful occasion to buy jewellery that has now become part of the traditions is on the day of a wedding anniversary. In fact, there are even specific types of designs and gems that are expected on specific anniversaries. For instance, for a ten -year anniversary, that is the first proper milestone, it is common to purchase the diamonds, in the shape of a diamond semi eternity bracelet or ring or gold studs. For the 20th anniversary, you can get even ahead and buy something even more valuable and gorgeous. And it is not just about rings but about other jewellery pieces too like chains, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Whatever you want you can get it there.

New born baby 

The arrival of a new baby is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments of the life. It is the reason purchasing jewellery for that occasion is ideal as it will be always linked with this unforgettable day and to your child.You can go for bracelets or the rings that you think celebrate the occasion in the most effective manner. 

And yes, it is not just about the child, you can purchase a gold ring, a diamond necklace or a gold bracelet for your hubby too. In this way you would always remember that you bought that specific item for yourself or your partner on the birth for your first child. Such gifts always leave a great impact in lives and make you relive the beautiful moments.

What jewellery you should give on different occasions?

There are so many things in jewellery to give as a gift. But again, if you have an idea what would be the perfect piece for that specific moment, day or occasion; it would be even more impactful. Have a look at some of the points below for better understanding:

Gift for a romantic night out 

One gorgeous and delicate necklace on your romantic night out would be apt. no matter it is your first date of anniversary or any other; you can give it to make it grand. Certainly when you mark the days, occasions or beginning of something wonderful with gold or jewellery; you make it even more glorious and charming.

Even if you are a girl or woman and you want to give something wow to your boyfriend or lover on a dinner or an outing you can give him a chain, a bracelet or a gold locket. There are so many options out there to look into and make a decision. You can find heart shaped stuff too that would look romantic and is charming too.

A ring to your son or daughter 

If you want to give your child a present on their first big achievement in life, you can give him or her ring. You know what the ring would be something that they would preserve for the rest of their life. They would never take it away from them. Moreover, it would be an investment for them too. And it is going to motivate them to do better in their life.  Moreover, you would also feel good that your child is wearing it regularly and preserving it. It would give you a peace of mind and comfort in heart that cannot be expressed in words.

You can even find the jewellery pieces that like rings and bracelets that have wording on them, an alphabet and so on. These not just boost the style of the wearer but also add up a personal touch to them.  Come on, there can be many of you who might be thinking jewellery these days is really expensive and you cannot simply afford it right? Well, you know what you need to use your tactics and pick one that is apt and within your budget. For example, you can come across jewellery items that are light in weight and not really much designer in this way these things would fall in your budget easily. You have to understand that the weight of a jewellery piece plays all the difference in its pricing. Similarly, the designs do put a pressure on pricing too. It is because more labour charges are involved therein.

Friend’s engagement 

If you have a friend who is really close to you then you can give them an earring set, a bracelet or necklace. It would be light weighted and really petite in formation. However, it would look really gorgeous and stylish.  Your friend would definitely be loved to receive it and feel adored. She would keep it close to her heart for the rest of her life. 

The trend of buying jewellery: on which occasion you should purchase it or gift it?


Thus, since you know now when to give jewellery and what type of things you can give and why; you should not hesitate to make a choice today. Let your loved ones soak in your love and admiration through your gracious and heart winning gifts. And sometimes it is not at all bad to make your feel on cloud nine by self-gifting a necklace, ring or a bracelet.



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