How To Save Your Money some useful Habits


                                           How To Save Your Money some useful Habits

(BYGaurika Sharma)

Everybody nowadays is speaking about the importance of healthy way of life and wellness.But many times our healthy habits go hand in hand with money.Less money we spend,Healthier we are.For e.g. Smoking…..less we smoke,less money we spend on cigarettes,much better we feel.

There are many more ways to save money :

1.Less Alcohol

Experts say that people need to consume alcohol moderately.That means one serving per day for women and two for men.A Serving is 5 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer.

2.Eat more vegetables

Obesity is one of the most common diseases in the US.Americans consume too much saturated fat and protein,most of it comes with meat.Meat Should not  be the main product in your plate.In order to feel and be healthy you need to increase the no. of fruits and vegetables in your diet.From the financial side meat is very costly or say expensive.The price of uncooked ground beef is $3.79 per pound uncooked beef roast is$4.87 per pound uncooked beef steaks is $6.43 per pound Pork chops at $3.51 per pound fresh whole chicken $1.48 per pound.

Useful habits to save your money.

3.Walk more or ride a bike

Specialist say that Physical activity improves mood,the quality of sleep, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass.But how to be Active the life is so busy?The answer is simple.Ride a bike or walk to work.

Riding a bike also saves money.Foe e.g.Someone who makes a ten-mile trip to and from work, who also pays $110 a month For parking saves $10.35 per day by biking.or$227.70 per month.

4. Prepare lunch

It is much cheaper to prepare your lunch at home and take it with you to work. At the same time Preparing food at home allows you not to use unhealthy products and use those ingredients that you like most.

5.Drink water
At average 12-ounce soda contains 150 calories you need to have a mile and a half walk.

How To Save Your Money some useful Habits

Then what to drink?

The average price for a two liter bottle of coke is$1.57.The average americans drinks 44 gallons annually that is $131 each year.

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