Usha launches water heater range with anti-bacterial sterilization system


Usha launches water heater range with anti-bacterial sterilization system


Usha, India’s leading consumer durables company has announced the launch of its new range of water heaters that includes Aquerra series, Aqua Tide, and Aqua Horizon. The new water heaters are sleek and come in attractive shapes and are a fitting addition to any bathroom, enhancing the style and comfort quotient.

Usha’s new range of water heaters boast an innovative heating technology, a weather-proof coating, and cutting-edge glass enamel lining which prevents corrosion and increases life span. Features include an anti-bacterial sterilization system that prevents bacterial build up and ensures pristine hot water, a temperature sensor that prevents overheating, and an automatic cut off that ensures that the heating range never exceeds the set temperature thereby helping save energy.

The cuboid masterpieces comprising the Usha Aquerra water heater series come in two variants – Aquerra and Aquerra DG. Combining convenience with style, these BEE 5-star rated energy saving water heaters have the Whirl Flow technology for faster heating, and Performance based Heat tech which enables 20% more hot water utilization. Additionally, these water heaters come with a capillary type thermostat to cut off electricity when temperature exceeds the set limit, high-grade superior PUF insulation to reduce heat loss, and a heavy-duty magnesium anode that prevents rusting or corrosion.

The Aquerra DG is a smart water heater with a digital temperature setting display, and an anti-bacterial function set at 80° to ensure a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Equipped with earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) that protects against electric shocks and leakages.


Model No. Capacity/Color  Price (in INR)
Aquerra DG 15L White 13,495/-
25L White 14,995/-
Aqua Tide 15L White 12,095/-
25L White 13,495/-
Aquerra 10L White 11,095/-
15L White 11,995/-
25L White 13,495/-
Aqua Horizon 15L White 11,495/-
25L White 12,595/-

Aqua Tide

The Aqua Tide water heater is a digital temperature control storage water heater, which has a self-learning intelligence feature that senses temperature usage over a period of time and automatically sets the temperature of water to be heated. Its Eco function saves electricity and the Error Code Display flags off functional alerts. This BEE 5-star rated energy saving product comes with IntelliValve, which releases pressure when temperature exceeds limit and prevents water backflow. Its Programme Memory function preserves the last setting, in case of abrupt power off.

Aqua Horizon

A smart water heater, the Aqua Horizon is optimal for small horizontal mounting spaces and has SS 316 heating element for energy efficient performance. With features like super slim ABS design of 310mm diameter for perfect horizontal mounting, Whirl Flow technology for faster heating and energy saving, and its liquid enamel coated inlet/outlet pipe that helps prevent rust, it’s a perfect choice for those looking for energy efficient smart water heaters.

Usha’s latest range of water heaters are energy efficient and competitively priced. The newly launched products come with a warranty period of 8 years (on tank), 3 years (on element), and 2 years (on product) and is also supported by free installation from Usha.

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