Valentine’s Day quotes from Sony SAB artists



1)      Shweta Gulati as Dolly in Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

  I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Every day is special for me and my special someone. We might just go for dinner to a place we haven’t been to. I expect gifts all-round the year, so something better be coming on Valentine’s Day.

  2)      Vipul Roy as Aditya in Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

 This Valentine’s day, I will be shooting for my show Partners, I believe  every day is a Valentine day, and any day which brings me love from friends, family and fans is  a valentine day for me. This year I am not giving anything because as per gifts are concerned we are all supposed to give love and that is the only gift I am believe in spreading this valentine’s. But I am also expecting lot of gifts from my fans because of my show Partners popularity.

 3)      Priyamvada Kant as Sharda in Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

 This Year, my Valentine plan is to go out somewhere with my girl gang! School memories are the fondest. In my junior year I was a very studious kid but when I progressed to senior classes I got a lot of attention during valentine’s week. I am not gifting anyone, but yes buying myself some nice shoes

 4)      Hiba Nawab as Elaichi in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

  My valentine day would be with my family and close friends because Valentine’s Day is not only meant to be celebrated with your Life Partner but also with your dear and near ones. Till date I don’t have any amazing valentine day memory. I am not expecting any special gift this valentine, but I would love to give something to my mother and father. She is the first love of my life. Also I would be gifting something to my nani also because she is unwell and of course she is the only reason my mother is with me.

 5) Krishna Bharadwaj as Rama in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

Well I had some plans I was very keen to celebrate Valentine ’s Day this year after the success of my movie & my TV show Tenali Rama. I fortunately had a holiday from my shoot a few days back so I took my mom for a special dinner. I am planning to give a gift to my mom since she’s being my valentine as always. I have planned to give her a Saree and a jewellery set which I have actually in disguise got it selected from her when she was in town.

Valentine’s Day quotes from Sony SAB artists

6) Kevin Dave as Goldie in Sony SAB’s Saat Pheron Ki Hera Pherie-

The best Valentine plan is to have a bone fire dinner under the sky with your valentine. Yes once during my college we had celebrated chocolate day on valentine day and I got confuse between them. I ended up giving chocolates to many and they accepted as being my Valentine’s. So that year I had some ten twelve valentine coffee dates.In terms of Gifts I am expecting Plenty, and yes I will be giving it to someone special but as I believe in surprises… So it’s a surprise😃

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