Vi launches new GIGAnet network campaign pan-India

Stay Connected, Get Ahead with GIGAnet - the new-age, future ready network from Vi


 Vi launches new GIGAnet network campaign pan-India

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Vi the new brand born through the integration of two of India’s most loved telecom brands- Vodafone and Idea, announced the launch of GIGAnet, India’s strongest 4G network that will enable users to get ahead by staying connected with all that matters, in real time. India’s leading telecom operator, Vodafone Idea Limited has set up a world-class network with largest spectrum portfolio, huge capacity, and built on many principles of 5G architecture that help in delivering a superior network experience.

 GIGAnet is the result of the largest network integration completed in record time and the first-of-its-kind spectrum refarming exercise in the world. Deploying India’s largest AI powered ma-MIMOs sites, GIGAnet has India’s largest deployment of universal cloud, making it the strongest, future-ready, new-age, dynamic network of these times, to accommodate the enormous amount of data traffic that the post Covid world has seen.

Announcing the launch of GIGAnet, Vishant Vora, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited said, “The role of telecom networks is no longer restricted to calling or internet surfing, rather it has become the ‘oxygen’ to survive and thrive. GIGAnet is Vi’s effort to move beyond connectivity to be the platform for a digital society. It offers faster downloads & uploads, low latency and real-time connectivity. We have deployed technology whereby parts of the NW have the ability to self-optimize to meet demand where necessary. It delivers strong, consistent and uninterrupted performance and is the answer to the hyper connectivity needs of today’s individual smartphone users as well as large corporates, SMEs and Government Bodies. With more capacity and more coverage than ever before, GIGAnet will enable you to do a lot more, much faster and get ahead in life.”

GIGAnet is future fit and promises a stronger, better and faster network. VIL’s 4G population coverage now reaches nearly 1 billion Indians and the company continues to invest in 4G to increase coverage and capacity. VIL has successful deployed new age technologies and these network investments have delivered a significant capacity uplift and enabled VIL to offer fastest 4G speeds in many markets including metros as per Ookla. Vi customers will now be able to enjoy the combined strength of a high powered, unified network.

GIGAnet from Vi is being introduced to mobile phone users in India through a high decibel creative campaign on TV and Digital, beginning today. The campaign portrays GIGAnet as the network that is in tune with the needs of the customers in the ongoing disruptive times. A network structured to help customers move ahead in life, for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Commenting on the new GIGAnet campaign, Kavita Nair, Chief Digital Transformation & Brand Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited said, “The connectivity needs have undergone a major shift and as an answer to this, we have recently launched Vi, the future-fit network for Digital Indians. GIGAnet from Vi has been built by combining the power of both the Vodafone and the Idea networks into one, thus creating a super-charged network with the largest spectrum in India. Vi powered by GIGAnet will help you thrive and stay ahead. The new campaign highlights this network of future that offers new-age immersive experiences. It showcases how GIGAnet moves with you and helps you do more every moment, every day.”

The films show how Indians are constantly evolving. Be it a young girl who relies on the connectivity Vi provides, to learn and create an ingenious scarecrow; or a slightly hesitant professor who’s new to the world of remote classrooms – people are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. And GIGAnet is with them, helping them throughout their journey. Both the films show the new age applications enabled by connectivity, while at the same time, capturing the spirit of inclusivity through the choice of protagonists – at opposite ends of the digital adoption spectrum. It is a tribute to Indians and their quest to get ahead and create a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

 Vi launches new GIGAnet network campaign pan-India

Please find the link to the campaign TVCs:

 The campaign surrounding the unveiling and familiarization of GIGAnet will keep the excitement going for young and young at heart Indian consumers during their favourite IPL 2020  the live broadcast of which is being co-presented by Vi on Star Sports.

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