Ways to get pregnant naturally minus intervention


Ways to get pregnant naturally minus intervention

Being pregnant and having children is an innate wish inside every woman. Parenthood brings fulfilment in more ways than one even though bringing up children can be serious task. However, if you want to become pregnant naturally then maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle is very important. Most people lead a sedentary life and gorge on unhealthy and junk food items. Moreover, office-related stress is usually so high that relaxing and getting engaged in healthy intercourse takes a backseat.  If you want to take the natural route to pregnancy and childbirth here are some tips to help you move ahead with it. 

Be healthy

For men and especially women it is imperative to be absolutely fit and weight conscious to become pregnant easily. Try working out at least four days a week and get rid of any kind of flab. Excess and even inadequate weight can affect the amount of fertility and therefore reduce the chances of conceiving. Regular exercise increases the strength of your muscles, improves blood circulation, and maintains overall health. While understanding how to try to get pregnant it is important to keep in mind that indulging in caffeine, recreational drugs, smoking and drinkingcan be counter productive to the entire effort. 

Understanding ovulation

Ovulation is the key to getting pregnant. Various kinds of ovulation kits are available which can tell you when your body has the maximum chance of getting pregnant. Alternatively, you can observe the cervical mucus become wet and stretchy as you approach the ovulation date. The day you will start to ovulate you are likely to find discharge like egg white. Many women prefer using the basal thermometer to get hold of the ovulation date. The temperature rises when ovulation kick starts. 

Intercourse at the right time

Having sex when you have started ovulating is the best time because the sperms can get in touch with the egg quickly. Even though research shows that the sperm can stay alive for two to five days after it has been released. So, if the ovulation date is kept in mind you can have sex on alternate days to allow fresh set of sperms to penetrate the eggs. 

Ways to get pregnant naturally minus intervention


To conceive and give birth to a healthy baby it is important to be physically healthy and eat lots of proteins and nutrients. A well-balanced diet and some exercise are extremely important. This helps in maintaining the fertility of your body. You daily intake should combine proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and essential fats. 

Folic acid

The necessity of folic acid arises after you have conceived and is linked directly to the health of the baby and prevention of any defects in the neural tube. 

What not to eat if you want to conceive naturally

If you want to know how to get pregnant fast naturally, it is important to keep a tab on the diet. Try to avoid caffeine because lowers fertility and calcium absorption. Any kind of processed food should also be avoided because they contain pesticides, preservatives and artificial hormones etc. Men should stay away from soy products because they reduce sperm count. 



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