‘Wazwan e Jannat’ Kashmiri food festival announced at WelcomHotel Bella Vista


‘Wazwan e Jannat’ Kashmiri food festival announced at WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Known for giving the region authentic and flavoursome food festivals, WelcomHotel Bella Vista, in Sec 5 here, has once again brought on the platter of tricity’s food enthusiasts a lip smacking feast from the beautiful Kashmir valley.

Acclaimed Chef from ITC Hotels Chef Jitendera Singh Rawat and Vivek Khanna, GM, WelcomHotel Bella Vista shared details about the festival. It is noteworthy that Chef Rawat has spent years in the valley mastering the recipes which have been made  a part of the festival.

As part of the event a live demo of preparation of a unique Kashmiri dish – ‘Nadroo Ke Kebab’ was also held.

This is a tasty vegetarian delicacy which is made using mince of lotus root, green kohlrabi leaves and flavorful herbs of Kashmir . The mixture of these ingredients is then formed into soft , mouth melting kebabs.

“Kashmiri food that we have on menu has evolved over the years. The food is  absolutely rich in taste and exotic in flavour. Kashmiri cuisine has become a popular choice among food lovers.

Though Kashmiri food is preferred mainly for its non vegetarian dishes, however, there are some really mouth-watering vegetarian dishes too, which will be relished by all.” Said Vivek Khanna, GM, WelcomHotel Bella Vista.

“Kashmir being the leading producer and chief exporter of saffron makes an extensive use of it in the form of a colourful flavouring agent. For its amazing aroma, it is added to Pulaos and sweets. Kashmiri dishes make a regular use of dry fruits, especially in the preparation of curries.

Kashmiris use ghee to cook meals, cuisine of Kashmir is truly unique and has absolutely no comparison. We have put up a menu which is indeed Kashmiri to the core.” Said Chef Jitendera Singh Rawat.

The festival has a wide array and a sumptuous spread of authentic Kashmiri cuisine made using Kashmir’s unique spices – in particular fennel, asafoetida, cardamom, and Kashmiri red chillies.

Kashmir valley’s cuisine is known mainly for its non vegetarian food specialties. Here the festival offers  gastronomical delights like ‘Kabargah tabak maaz’ which is slow cooked spiced lamb ribs.

‘Mutton yakhani’ is there which is mutton cooked in aromatic gravy with curd and fennel. ‘Rista’  which is hand  pounded mutton formed into balls and cooked in a rogani red gravy, is also a must try for non veg lovers.

The curators of the menu have kept needs of vegetarians also in focus. Popular vegetarian delicacies from the heart if Kashmir have been brought.

‘Nadru aur kadam kebab’, ‘nadroo yakhani’ which is lotus root cooked in curd gravy, ‘haak saag’  which is a traditional Kashmiri saag, ‘dum aloo Kashmiri’, ‘maah-da-madara’ which is black lentil cooked with almonds and curd are on offer. ‘Kesar pulao’ which is a tasty  Kashmiri pulao with saffron and dry fruits is an attraction.

The dessert section at the Kashmiri food festival is alluring. ‘Badam ka halwa’ which is made using coarsely ground almonds cooked with desi ghee and saffron is available. Kong, or Firni, which is saffron flavoured rice pudding garnished with pistachio and cashew nuts is also there.

The festival has ensured that the dishes are rich in terms of the constituent elements that form the core of a dish. Another Kashmiri specialty is kohlrabi and its leaves, also prepared in multiple ways along with fish, meat, and beans. recipes of this too are being offered.

Socialites of tricity also attended the live cooking demonstration. Himi Kahlon, Runner up, Mrs. Punjab said, “The spread at the festival is quite extensive. I loved the Kashmiri dishes I tried.”

Kamaljeet Kaur, Co founder, Sparkle productions said, ” The use of original and exotic Kashmiri spices makes the dishes really worth it.”

‘Wazwan e Jannat’ Kashmiri food festival announced at WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Mr. Binod, Director , Daksha Digitas was also present at the event.

Wazwan e Jannat food festival

Meal for two on weekdays -Rs 1000 onwards.

Buffet on Weekends.


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