Without QR code scanner, Digi locker app leaves Chandigarh Police helpless

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has successfully launched the DIGI-LOCKER APP which is being used by most of the citizens for storing their KYC documents including passports, driving license, vehicle registration etc. Now there is no need to carry smart card with you. The documents stored in the app is considered as sufficient evidence when verified by the public authority.
Recently I found a system deficiency in implementation of DIGI-LOCKER APP, when I was stopped by Chandigarh Traffic Police for verifying the documents. I showed them the documents as issued in the DIGI-LOCKER APP, but since they did not have any QR scanner they could not verify the driving license in the APP.
Although the Police did not deny the authenticity of the APP, but they felt helpless because they dint had appropriate scanners to verify the documents shown in the app.Hence in order to cooperate I showed them my smart card. Only upon verifying the smart card they allowed me to proceed.
I must say the Chandigarh Traffic Police executed their job well, but the point is that when a facility is being pushed by Central Government itself, then why there is a delay in issuing QR scanners to the police for effective implementation of DIGI LOCKER APP. Since Chandigarh is aiming to become the smart city, I think withdrawal of smart cards with simultaneous use of DIGI Locker App would be a great achievement for city beautiful


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