A dwarf creates trouble in Rama’s life in Tenali Rama


A dwarf creates trouble in Rama’s life in Tenali Rama


This week there is another challenge in front of viewers’ favourite Rama where he is tricked to believe that he is a father to a dwarf.

In the upcoming episodes we will see that there is a flash sale of kinds in some stall in the market, Sharda and Amma end up buying a lot of things since it is relatively very cheap. At the stall, they find a baby carriage apart from other things at a steal and end up buying it for future use. While returning home, they bump into Varunamala and find her with the same baby carriage. Both women express their desire to have a child. Varunmala has an idea and takes Sharda and Amma along to meet Gangu gehen – an aghori baba famous for blessing couples with children through magic. He gives Varunmala an apple and Sharda, a mango, to be put under a banyan tree in the jungle in order to have kids.

Both Varunmala and Sharda go home and force Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) and Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) respectively to put these fruits under the said banyan tree. They both reluctantly agree and do so at night.  After they leave, a dwarf emerges from under the ground where they had kept the fruits.

Next day, Dhani and Mani, while roaming in the market, find that dwarf who is looking for his parents in the town. They both assert him to be Tathacharya’s child due to the familiarity in gestures. But Tathacharya bribes the aghori baba and he declares in the court that the dwarf is Rama’s child as he was born from the mango.

How will Rama save himself and his family from this difficult situation? Will he be able to prove the fraud of the Baba?

Elaborating on the case, Krishna Bharadwaj who plays Tenali Rama said,”This time Rama has to not only contest against his enemies but also remain firm with his family demands. The case also highlights the problems of superstition in our country.”

Watch the episode to praise Rama’s wisdom only on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama, Monday to Friday at 8PM!



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