AAP Bathinda Lok Sabha candidate Gurmeet Singh Khudian getting good response in Mansa district


AAP Bathinda Lok Sabha candidate Gurmeet Singh Khudian getting good response in Mansa district

AAP’s candidate for the Bathinda Lok Sabha seat, Gurmeet Singh Khudian, is garnering positive feedback in Mansa district of Punjab. Khudian, who serves as the Agriculture Minister of Punjab and is a key representative of AAP in the Malwa districts, appears to be gaining traction among the local populace.

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Addressing a sizable crowd in the Sardulgarh constituency on Thursday, Khudian’s presence was notable in an area once considered a stronghold of senior Akali leader Balwinder Singh Bhunder. The constituency is currently represented by Gurpreet Singh Banawali in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, who secured victory over Congress candidate Bikram Singh Mofar by 41,371 votes. In this electoral contest, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) trailed in third place with 31,757 votes, while Mofar received 34,446 votes.

During his address, Gurmeet Singh Khudian commended the positive initiatives undertaken by the Bhagwant Singh Mann-led government in Punjab. He emphasized that AAP is seeking electoral support based on the commendable work carried out by the state government.

Khudian highlighted several accomplishments of the government, particularly focusing on the merit-based employment opportunities provided to the youth. He mentioned that over 40,000 jobs have been allocated to the youth, fostering a favorable environment in the rural areas.

Furthermore, Khudian underscored the benefits of Aam Admi clinics, where individuals receive free medications and tests, and the provision of free electricity to all segments of society without discrimination based on caste or creed.

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Gurpreet Singh Banawali, the MLA representing Sardulgarh, urged constituents to extend their support to AAP candidate Gurmeet Singh Khudian, citing his untarnished reputation among the state’s political leaders. Banawali stressed the importance of having individuals of integrity within the political system of the state.


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