Aarya Babbar and Bhani Singh visited chandigarh for “Tera Intezaar”

Tera Intezaar Team In Chandigarh



Actor Aarya Babbar who is performing a role of Anti-hero (Art Dealer) shared his views about his role in Film Tera Intezaar, “I am playing a role of antagonist you can call it Anti-hero, I aman Art Dealer, who uses his power to achieve anything he wants to, basically a go-getter in the film opposite Mr. Arbaaz, who is a natural painter.”

Tera Intezaar Team In Chandigarh
photo by Parveen Kumar

On being asked about his challenging role in a film he shared challenging shots in action and there is one shot where I had to perform a back summer sault on a charcoal road in Mauritius and another when he was pulled out of the moving car. He also shared that this film has elements of mystic, romance and thrill and its a complete fun mastic film.”

Actress Bhani Singh further told little about herself, she said, “I am new in this industry and it’s been two years I am working in this industry.  In film Tera Intezaar I have opposite – antagonist role with Aarya Babbar. I feel very happy to be part of this film and working with talented actors of the industry. Mr. Aarya and Arbaaz have always been supportive to me, I never felt that I am a new person in the team. I wish this movie to be huge success and liked by our audience.”

Tera Intezaar Team In Chandigarh
Photo bu Parveen Kumar

Further elaborating about the film Tera Intezaar Songs, Producer Mr. Aman Mehta & Bijal Mehta said, “This is for the first time we have worked in Bollywood and It has been a great experience for us to be part of it. Song like Khali Khali dil sung by Armaan Malik has been a huge hit & loved by the listeners adding to the huge list of hit songs of Armaan MalikThe singers who have are Shreya Goshal, Arman Malik, Kanika Kapoor, Ahmed Hussain-Mohd Hussain, Yasheer Desai, Swati Sharma, Payal Dev, Raja Hassan & Little Golu.”


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