Cancer patients attend yoga workshop at Max


                  Cancer patients attend yoga workshop at Max

 As many as 85 cancer patients and their family members attended a yoga workshop at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali which was organized to mark International Yoga Day today.

During workshop, yoga expert,  RituBalaguided the patients through different techniques thus enabling the patients to achieve peace and harmony and boost well-being in their recovery process. The workshop also aimed to empower and equip individuals with the ‘awareness’ of connecting back to themselves to live ‘effective and productive’ lives.

Speaking during occasion, Dr.Sachin Gupta, senior medical oncologist said that regular focuses on interactions between the mind and the body where how beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle choices, spiritual and psychological perspectives can dramatically affect our health, the course of our disease and our overall well-being.

By practicing mind-body interventions such as yoga and meditation redefines the simple understanding of self as a soul and enables a direct connection and relationship with the supreme source of purest energy and highest consciousness, maintained Dr Gupta.

He further said that what we have realized is that if we can let our system go from wellness to sickness, we have the power to return our system vice versa with the support of all interventions at the physical, mental, emotional and astral levels of our energy System.

Meanwhile yoga workshop was followed by a lecture on nutrition by Aastha  the nutritionist.



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