Chath rangeen to dil bhi rahe rangeen


Chath rangeen to dil bhi rahe rangeen

  Since the beginning of time, Punjab has been the culture hub of North India. Owing to its vibrant history of melas, folk music, colourful attires and unique cuisines, Punjab is a depiction of one of the most culturally vivacious people. Over time, due to modernisation and industrialization, the state has witnessed a transition that many willingly accepted and withstood, with the result that today, it is an example of a perfect blend between tradition and modernisation. This has worked four folds in its favour. In fact, Punjab exemplifies the very aspiration of rural India today, illustrated by an infusion of colour – from mobile phones to footwear.

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To overcome the frequent monotony and signal a shift towards modernisation, the residents of Punjab started incorporating elements in their personal spaces that resonated with a language not spoken by many. Builders and manufacturers of housing technologies, took this cue to add design to functionality. Quirky additions of the likes of uniquely shaped water tankers that also act as water harvesting machinery in the form of eagles and footballs slowly made their way into homes.

Based on this insight, Everest Industries, a leading pioneer in the roofing segment, who has been responsive and customer centric in its approach to product development and innovation, picked up this early trend and met customer demand by introducing Everest Super – India’s first  avant-garde, coloured fibre cement roofing sheets.

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According to traditional requirements, the idea of roofing has been restricted to the sole purpose of providing a strong shelter and a necessary framework to houses. Everest managed to infuse design while enhancing and maintaining functionality by ensuring that the coloured roofing sheets are made from the finest quality cement making it a durable product. The sheets are also fortified to be able to withstand natural elements and have added features for heat, water and fire resistance, a user friendly installation mechanism and a corrosion free experience.

Chath rangeen to dil bhi rahe rangeen

The people of Punjab are now investing in roofing that is vibrantly multi coloured. Progressive designs and bright coloured roofs have seeped into the state – so much so that yellow, the colour for 2019, has been neatly paired up green to create designs that are pleasing to the eye. Everest Coloured roofing solutions have been gaining popularity since 2017 and is now spreading like a rainbow to different states of the country.

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