Chhattisgarh: Two Naxals killed, large amount of ammunition recovered in encounter at Dantewada


In Chhattisgarh, two Naxals were killed and a significant amount of ammunition was seized during an encounter with the police on Tuesday. DSP Krishna Kumar Chandrakar reported that the encounter occurred at the Chhattisgarh-Bijapur border area of Dantewada. Two knuckle dusters and a large quantity of ammunition were recovered during the search operation. The exchange of fire took place in the forest of Purangel, Gampur, under the jurisdiction of Kirandul police station. The bodies of a male and a female Maoist were found, with their identities yet to be confirmed.

The DGP mentioned the likelihood of several Naxals being injured in the encounter. The operation was initiated following information received on March 18 about armed Maoists in the forest of Purangel Gampur. A joint effort involving DRG, Bastar Fighters (BFR) Dantewada, and the Young Platoon of CRPF battalions 111, 230, and 231 led to the operation resulting in the deaths of two Naxals. The search operation in the area is ongoing.

This encounter follows a similar incident on March 6, where one Naxal was killed in an encounter in Kankar district. According to the police, the clash occurred in the forest of Kaknar village between a joint party of DRG, BSF, and Naxalites. During this encounter, the body of a uniformed Naxalite was recovered along with a sten gun, explosives, and other materials.


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