Dr. Vinod Nimbran emphasizes on care in Lung Cancer treatment

70% of lung cancer cases in Chandigarh are diagnosed only in advanced stages



Globally, lung cancer has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer, with the most number of cancer related deaths. In the wake Excluded were growing lung cancer trends in India, Dr. Vinod Nimbran, Director, Oncology – Indus Super specialty Hospital, Mohali addressed media briefing to increase awareness amongst the public, importanceofearly and appropriate diagnosis.

Highlighting the incidence and causes of Lung Cancer in Chandigarh, Dr. Vinod Nimbran said, “in the past Few years, I have observed an increase in the number of lung cancer cases, wherein there has been a 7-8% increase in Males and 3-4% increase in Females.

 Leading Oncologist, Dr. Vinod Nimbranemphasizes on Targeted Therapy as new standard of care in Lung Cancer treatment
photo by Parvenn Kumar

Emphasizing on the importance of timely diagnosis of lung cancer, Dr. Vinod Nimbran said, “Lung Cancer has become one of the hardest diseases to effectively treat as most patients are diagnosed only in advanced stages. In Chandigarh, 6 out of 10 cases are diagnosed in an advanced stage. At this advanced stage, treatment can only prolong the patient’s Survival But it would cure this Not Possible Disease. Recommended diagnostic tests for lung cancer include CT scan, Tissue biopsy and Sputum cytology. If any of these tests show any signs and symptoms of lung cancer, it is advisable to visit an oncologist at the earliest. “

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, they divide rapidly forming one of the three types of tumors – small cell lung cancer (Shcrlarc), non-small cell lung cancer (Nshcrlarc) and Lung Carcinoid tumor.

According to the year 2012, lung cancer 1.8 million cases, of which 58 percent were found in areas that are less developed. In developing countries, the lung is a common cancer in men and in women, it is the third largest disease. Time pre-emphasis on the importance of lung detected cancer Dr. Vinod Nimbran said, “can effectively treat the ‘lung cancer can not be possible, because they are more patients become aware of the final phase is. Chandigarh detected 6 cases of 10 runs in the final stage. The final stage can only be extended to the days living patient, but it is not possible to treat. The tests include detection of lung cancer CT scans, tissue biopsy and cytology Sputm. If any of the lungs in these investigations cancers signs and symptoms appear is quickly given soon discourage an oncologist. ”

Vinod Nimbran said, ‘even if no complete cure any type of cancer today, but has improved significantly in the treatment of cancer. Recent Advances in Oncology Research has prepared a means of treatment, which is known as targeted therapy. This treatment has become more personal than ever. Standard different from chemotherapy, targeted therapy does not affect the body’s cells. It only prevents the progression of cancer at Molecular Level, which is the cancer growth and stop it spreading. Targeted prevention therapy patients and has been successful in improving the rate of healing. Will definitely preferred method of targeted therapy treatment in the future, because it destroys only the cancer cells and hair fall and avoid side effects such as damage to the skin. ‘


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