General Samaj Party in favour of banning the expensive health business



General Samaj Party was conceptualized by its founder Suresh Goyal in
the year 2003 at Bhatinda which was later registered by Election
Commission of India in August 2011.The foremost objective of the party                      is to curb Reservation Policy.

from left Madan Lal Goyal, Suresh Kumar Goyal, Satish Kumar Bansal & Varinder Garg

The party also emphasized for abolishing the education business and ensures free vocational orientated education from class fifth so that small scale industries can be developed to meet the employment
possibilities. Third priority of the party is to ban      direct taxes processes to uproot corruption and black money from the society. Party is also in favour of banning the expensive health business so that in can be affordable for all.

Uniform Citizen Law is yet another consideration of the party
which they will strive for till the last. Party will also focus on
issue of ‘Brain Drain’ and cash on available resources in the country.
Lastly to ensure networking of all the rivers in the country to met
the water crisis.
General Samaj Party has initiated the campaign for the housing to poor
ones during their series of 21 and 31 days agitations which has
brought the comments of honorable Supreme Court that before breaking
the slums of poor people ensure them a roof.
Party in order to ensure the strengthening of nation’s economy,
advocates the safety of each railway station for the transaction of
retail goods. This will also help in to increase the income of
railways and ensure the controlled expenditures on fuel which we
purchase from international market.
According to Er. Satish K Bansal, Organizing Secretary of the party,
Considering its objectives and propagating the ideologies of General
Samaj Party, the party is opening its North Zone Office 10 am on April
30, 2017 at SCO 65, Sector 12 A, Chandigarh.


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