Gyanchand in state of coma in Sony SAB’s Sajjan Re Phir  Jhoot Mat Bolo



 Post Jaya’s memory loss there has been lots of twists and turns in Sony SAB’s ‘Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo’.

In the upcoming track we will see, Jay and Premchand at the behest of Deepak declare that Gyanchand is in coma and Lokhande is very upset with this news.

However the ever doubting Sudhakar feels Gyanchand has been attacked by Deepak (Gaurav Dubey).  At night, Deepak goes to burn Gyanchand’s clothes and is relieved that this role-playing is over. However all this get recorded by Lokhande and Sudhakar.

To commemorate the life of Gyanchand, Deepak plans to make a samadhi with his picture and a recorded pravachan. But Lokhande (Sharad Ponkshe) comes with the police and gets him arrested for the murder of Gyanchand. Deepak is taken to the jail and is shown being tortured.  The worried Chopra family is thinking about ways to save Deepak. They decide that the shortest and easiest way is to bribe the police. Jay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) leaves for the police station and Premchand with the help of Malpani (Rakhi Tandon) and Urmila start arranging for the cash.

Jay tries his level best to manipulate the police inspectors but in vain. On the other side, Premchand Tiku Talsania), Malpani and Urmila decide to give the money to Gangaram but they are caught by Lokhande.

Will Lokhande find the truth of Deepak’s act? How will Jay rescue Deepak?

Speaking on the track, actor Sharad Ponkshe playing the character of Lokhande said: “The show is at a critical juncture as my character has begun to doubt the authenticity of Deepak and Jay and his family. It will be interesting to see what will happen if he finds out the truth about Jay and his family“

Follow their plight only on Sony SAB’s Sajjan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo, Monday to Friday at 9PM


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