Interactive Session on UFF…. Stress to WOW Stress



Maya Hotel, Chandigarh organized one most needful enlightening and interactive session on UFF…. Stress to WOW Stress.

Consultant Deepak with a track record of 23 years as a Management Consultant and Mrs. Josephine EstradaGupta, School Chairperson and speaker from Philippines were the key speakers of the event.

After sharing the data of WHO and other national and global researches, Mr. Deepak emphasized that Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are not a disease or Mental/ psychological disorder. Instead they are management disorder. One has to be skilled enough in LIFE Management Skills (PERSONAL, FAMILY, PROFESSIONAL, and SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL) to prevent/Manage/Transform Stress. If Stress is prevented, Managed and Transformed automatically cases of anxiety and depression would go down. Not only this, he stressed upon that if immediate initiatives are not taken, then drugs, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and other addictions will spoil our generations and the generations to come.

Further, to transform negative stress into positive stress he suggested SBO (STRESS BY OBJECTIVE), PRAAN (PERCEPTION, REACTION, ACTION, and ACCUMULATION of NEGATIVITY, NUTRALIZATION OF NEGATIVITY), BE WITH SELF MEDITATION, and SATSANG (Company of good people).

Mrs. Josephine enlightened the audience by sharing “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE” and only stress free person can be a happy person. Happiness is invaluable and everyone is longing for Happiness while they are not making any conscious efforts to accomplish that goal.

Audience belonging to various walks of life appreciated the initiative of Maya Hotel and suggested to organize such sessions in future also.

Mr. Rajesh Kalra General Manager (Room Division) extended the Vote of thanks to the speakers, media and all the participants.


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