Haryana CM Inaugurates Nari Niketan with Modern Facilities


Haryana CM Inaugurates Nari Niketan with Modern Facilities

Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal inaugurated the building of the Government North Defense Home on Saturday, constructed at a cost of Rs 6.54 crore under the Smart City initiative in Karnal. During this, he said that several buildings are being constructed under the Smart City project on 6 acres of this area. The Chief Minister said that the newly inaugurated Nari Niketan is established to provide shelter to helpless women, and plans are underway for the construction of a working women’s hostel on the same premises.

The Government North Defense Home (Nari Niketan), Karnal, is a four-story building, including the ground floor, covering 2142.40 square meters. It features various facilities, including consultation rooms, dormitories, a dining room, kitchen, library, classrooms, computer lab, training room, recreation room, and paramedical facilities for the treatment of physically and mentally challenged women. Additionally, the building is equipped with office spaces, a visitor room, a store room, ladies’ toilets, and other amenities for the office staff.

Facilities available at Nari Niketan includes Consultation room, Three dormitories, Dining room, Kitchen, Library, Two classrooms, Computer lab, Training room, Recreation room, Paramedical room for treatment, Lift for the convenience of physically and mentally challenged women, Five office rooms, Visitor room, Store room, Ladies’ toilets.

Established in 1982, the Government North Defense Home (Nari Niketan) Karnal stands as the sole Nari Niketan institution in Haryana, situated in Karnal. Focused on destitute women aged 18 and above, the organization facilitates admission through either court orders or administrative directives. Devoted to societal reintegration, the institution employs counseling, home location efforts, and collaboration with other states and districts to bring missing or abandoned women to the facility. The reunification of these women with their families is a primary objective. Within the institution, women receive education and training tailored to their skills, encompassing sewing, embroidery, weaving, computer education, beauty parlor skills, art and craft, and more. Open board education is provided for those desiring to pursue further studies. Comprehensive medical facilities are available for those in need of treatment. Notably, the organization has successfully reintegrated around 200 women into their families. Presently, the institution houses 25 women and girls, including four from Bangladesh. Two women with mental illnesses have been admitted on court orders. Nine women are disabled and two women have been placed under court orders for security reasons, and six missing women are residing there.


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