How Twitter’s trending video helped catapult a unique New Year Celebration into the spotlight



 Even if you’re a moderate social media user, chances are you would have come across an endearing video, where a Punjabi family is seen dancing around a bed-ridden family member on a popular punjabi number to ring in the new year. The video has been trending for days on twitter with thousands of retweets and likes by social media users including celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan. Comments like “Lions at heart … Yo Punjabi”, “Kya baathai” to “Best video of 2017! this is so precious!” to “Where can I find complete story” and “Didn’t need anyone to translate the love displayed in that clip. Thank you :)”, the video is breaking the internet with the sheer love and affection displayed in it. Not only the clip has struck the right chord with the audience as it portrays the essence of true Indian family taking care of one’s parents in the best possible way and having a fun time with them but it has generated a lot of curiosity about the family and its story. 

 How Twitter’s trending video helped catapult a unique New Year Celebration into the spotlight

Despite being bed-ridden after the stroke and presently availing the services of HealthCare atHOME, Pritpal Singh, who is about 85 years of age had the best new year celebrations with his family at his residence in Chandigarh. To welcome the new year, Singh’s family — his wife, son and daughter-in-law, danced around him, to cheer him up. Leading the impromptu celebration was HealthCare atHOME care giver Karamveer Singh, the young Sikh in the video along with his Nurse Kiran who were then joined by wife, Hardeep Kaur, housemaid Nirmala, while the son, Pritinder Singh recorded the clip. 


Karamveer not only brought together the family and put on the performance for Singh to lift up his mood, he made sure that everyone danced in the true-punjabi style with proper steps. Singh was all smiles on being showered with love by his family and special care and attention by staff of HealthCare atHOME. He has been recovering well with their ICU at home service for over 15 months after the stroke. 


Says Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, HealthCare atHOME, “We are pleasantly surprised to see how the video has been trending for the last few days and leaving a long-lasting impact on people. This is the beauty of home healthcare services where like Mr. Singh, one can recuperate in the comforts of one’s home surrounded by near and dear ones along with quality treatment and empathetic care. The videos shows our belief in forming genuine bonds for an enriching, fulfilling experience including the primacy of high-quality healthcare for effective treatment of conditions. It reflects our ethos and values to be the most people-centric, credible and comprehensive home healthcare solution provider in India.”



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