Indian Women Entrepreneurs touched on diversity in 2022


Indian Women Entrepreneurs touched on diversity in 2022


Women in India today have achieved success in every conceivable sphere, from business to beauty. They are on the rise, tapping diversity across sectors. Over a period, the industry has witnessed more women entrepreneurs and leaders. According to sources, Indian women dominate the workforce with their immense potential and lead the start-up ecosystem with 15.7 million women-owned enterprises. They are expected to shape and enhance the country’s future by adding over 30 million more women-owned businesses, which will provide approximately 150-170 million jobs by 2030.

An expanding number of women business owners have contributed significantly to the economy’s expansion. When it comes to creating jobs, influencing population trends, and encouraging the next generation of female business leaders, women-owned businesses play a crucial role in today’s society. Women also bring harmony while managing a successful company, and 2022 evidently substantiates it. Women entrepreneurs have challenged the industry and have excelled in diverse businesses, from beauty to launching new ventures, securing funding, and serving as company leaders. Some of the women leaders from various sectors in 2022 are as below.

  1. Vineeta Singh, Founder, Sugar Cosmetics

Vineeta Singh, the founder of Sugar Cosmetics, aimed to empower women by making a product that was “of the women, for the women, by a woman.” Sugar’s co-creator has always intended for it to be a female-targeted company. The story of her rise to prominence as a business owner and online influencer can now be found all over the internet. By tailoring cosmetics for Indian skin tones, Vineeta Singh has changed the Indian cosmetics industry by connecting makeup with beauty, empowerment, confidence, and self-worth. During her time there, she saw firsthand how essential high-quality cosmetics are for the everyday lives of modern Indian women. It was there in 2012 that she established her cosmetics company, SUGAR. Sugar Cosmetics is a thriving business that employs 1500 people, 75% of whom are women.

  1. Parveen Brar, Founder, Defence Wards Matrimony

Parveen Brar is the founder of Defence Wards Matrimony, India’s first and only platform that serves matrimonial assistance to members of the Indian Defence Force and their families. Coming from a defence background, she understands that people from the force come from a diverse yet unique backgrounds and are a community by themself. Hence, while looking for a perfect match for her daughter, she came up with the platform. Over 10,000 people from niche defence communities are served by the company, which ensures 100% data security, verified profiles, and personalised services. Over the past few years, under Brar’s supervision, the company has experienced continuous growth in subscribers by 45% and a Yo-Y increase of 60%. So far, hundreds of matrimonial alliances have been successfully formed by Defence Wards Matrimony for those in the defence or civilians wanting to marry in the defence.


  1. Richa Kar, CEO, Zivame

Richa Kar has successfully changed the way we think about lingerie buying by building a profitable retail empire that makes it feasible with a click. Zivame’s creator and former CEO provided much-needed attention and practical remedy for addressing the unease Indian women had while shopping for intimates. Her entrepreneurial spirit and the motivational tale of how she built a business with global recognition. Richa Kar was enthusiastic about starting Zivame, and after her exhaustive study, she discovered that the availability of branded innerwear was relatively low. However, she saw that the sector had enormous potential and that, as an online store, it would be simple for women to access. With more than 200 subscribers, Zivame is now one of India’s largest lingerie retailers. It has a more extensive user base and more than 50 lingerie companies. In addition, the business has begun physically distributing its goods.

  1. Aditi Gupta, Co-founder, Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta is the co-founder of Menstrupedia Comic, which provides comic books, seminars, and animated movies as high social impact teaching resources about Menstruation. More than 25,500 schools, hundreds of NGOs, corporations, and government agencies in India and other nations worldwide utilise the resources created by Menstrupedia. Menstrupedia is a decisive step in starting the neglected debate about puberty and growing up. She is a member of the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list of achievers, one of the BBC’s 100 most influential women in 2015, and a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. Over thirty schools in India already utilise Menstrupedia Comic, a comprehensive reference created by the Menstrupedia team. Nepal, South America, and Nigeria are just a few places where these books have been sent. Menstrupedia is the most forward-thinking organisation in the history of menstruation education. It is offered in 17 languages and utilised as a part of the curriculum in more than 11,000 schools throughout India. Additionally, the booklets are utilised in 20 other nations to educate people about menstruation.

  1. Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO, SHEROES

Sairee Chahal developed SHEROES, a women-only social network, intending to reimagine how women use, experience, and profit from the internet. She does this with the conviction that the internet has the capacity to help women in scalable and varied ways. SHEROES is the first and most extensive women-only social network in the world. Its four main pillars include creating digital identities, connecting with other women in meaningful ways, investing in one’s physical and mental health, and achieving financial independence. The helpline has so far helped more than 2 million women. The site now has more than 20 million female members and aspires to reach 100 million female users by 2023.


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