Miss Commonwealth Asia Pacific inaugurated Annual Exhibition ‘INIFD STUDIO’

"Shweta Raj" inaugurated INIFD Academy of Interiors Annual Exhibition ‘INIFD STUDIO’


Anu (ChandiarhCityNews)

“Shweta Raj” Miss Commonwealth Asia Pacific,  is on her maiden visit to Chandigarh formally inaugurated INIFD Academy of Interiors Annual Exhibition ‘INIFD STUDIO’ –

Shweta Raj while sharing her experience, said that, “I Always wanted to do modeling”,  “Modeling is my first Love” She added. She belongs to the city of the Peshwas – Pune And because of Army background she always looking forward to Priyanka Chopra as she also belongs to an Army family So, follows her all the way. I love reading Tarrot card and believe ,She said. She is indeed a combination of beauty and brain, Shweta Raj proudly displayed the garments recently showcased by INIFD designer Neha Arora at FASHION SCOUT during London Fashion Week.

At INIFD Interiors’ Exhibition 2017, the students of Interior Design take you through yet another journey of Design Styles showcasing various predominant eras of design over centuries. INIFD students make their foray into the world of Theatre and Set Designing as they present enchanting, beautiful and historic live Theatre Sets. Set Designing has taken a huge leap in its potential for both employment and design expression.  Imagination and innovation have worked to lend a class to the gamut of filming. Today, when Theatre, Movies, shows and events are discussed there is a lot of weightage given to the impact of the sets created and the detailing involved. The audience now is much more aware and alert about the nuances of the ambience shown.

At the INIFD Annual Exhibition ‘INIFD STUDIO’ all modern design finds its base in some way or other in the various predominant eras of design over centuries. Students take you to the amazing eras to depict styles like the Greek, Roman, Baroque, Egyptian, Gothic and the Oriental.

As you step into this dramatic world, you experience a transition as marvelous as the styles themselves. While there is a unique identity that each area showcases, the magnificence of one does not overshadow any other. In fact, in their entirety, all the areas bring forth the variety, perfection, grace and harmony that these eras represented.

This Exhibition open for public on all days: 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th April 2017 from 12 noon to 7 pm. And people can see Studio1- Greek Odyssey,Venetian piazza,Moroccan Riad,Strand of Nile,Regal renaissance, Elegance in Flow,Oriental Palette,Game of Shadows.




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