Interview of dashmeet kaur from shaazza production


Interview of Dashmeet Kaur from Shaazza production

I have raised with lots of love and care by my parents. I am a state level badminton player. I
always did well in my studies. I have always been a shy and an introvert personality who never
had a lot of friends. People and friends always made fun of me because of this my grades and
behavior got influenced. I cried all nights and smiled all day. I was the one who had no hopes
and desires from herself. Even in college I have been tortured. Due to which I wanted to divert
my mind and then started doing theater themed for women rights, flash mobs and many other
cultural activities like dance, etc. I did Modelling sponsored by Videocon Telecom with RJ
Golmaal Gagan and then with RJ Meenakshi. I also played Basketball and Taekwondo. I have
been dreaming to become a Model and an Actor since my childhood. I always admired Deepika
Padukone and Mother Teresa as my idol. Though my parents wanted me to opt studies
alongside with my passion. As at all stages I got through criticisms for doing or pursuing my
dreams. I am also a Sociology student as I always loved to work for the people who didn’t able
to achieve their dreams because of lack of motivation or money or due to their physical
weaknesses. I got through so many obstacles and rejections. At one point of time I thought of
leaving everything as I felt I won’t be able to make up anything. But then their comes a turning
point in my life as my strength and my mentor that is my Mother, read a news in newspaper and
on Chandigarh city media about the auditions for Fashion Players by Shazza Productions and
suggested me to give my name for it. I went for auditions and after a few days I got a call of
being selected. I was at the top of the world. I got to learn a lot there in grooming sessions and
even I won the title. After that I got to know about AXA Model Hunt. I walked on ramp with
different brand clothing and designer dress. Then I worked in a short film “Pakka Promise” by
Speed Records. After that I felt unstoppable. Now, I will start working on 2 songs and a short
film and other upcoming projects. I really feel never give up on yourself and your dreams.
People and society will always become obstacles for you but get out of those norms then only
you will get success.


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