Karma Café promises to take you on a roller coaster ride through peppy college life


Nipun Nakra’s debut novel Karma Café is a celebration of friendship along with a very strong social message for youth

If you are an avid reader of suspense thrillers, this one is a must read for you. Welcome to Karma Café – No Menus. You are served what you deserve’is the name of Chandigarh’s Nipun Nakra’s debut novel.

Karma Café, published by Fly High Publications, is a fun filled, hilarious and action-packed suspense thriller that takes you on a roller coaster ride through the peppy college life, dating dilemmas, peer pressures and notorious pranks.

Ambitious Nitin, talented Shanky, dashing Jeff and prankster Harry meet each other in the College and form an inseparable group, V-4. The vivacious and carefree nature of the gang lands them into many comical situations as well as serious trouble that tests their friendship. The group dynamics change when Preeti and Amie enter their group and love comes knocking. The settings and expressions used to narrate the two innocent and beautiful love stories is what the youth will be looking for.

Ominous as it sounds, the name of the book sets the tone for this action-packed suspense thriller that traces the journey of four friends through the carefree college days of fun and laughter to the time when each day brings them face to face with new dangers.

Author Nipun Nakra effectively juxtaposes the present and past to build momentum and set the pace of the thriller. In fact, there are two main threads in the book – the happy, carefree days of college complete with ragging, classes, parties, events, holidays, course studies and the nerve-wrecking competitive exams. The second part is of the action, suspense and thriller. So vividly are these portrayed that you become part of the flow and transported to your own college days.

Welcome to Karma Café – no menus, you are served what you deserve – takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions and then finishes with a dramatic dénouement, keeping you glued throughout.

While speaking about what made him write this book, he said, “If I look back into my life I think the most interesting part of my story will be friendship. Whether it was school, college or work I was fortunate enough to get great friends everywhere. Karma Café is a college life fiction which every college student of India will relate to. There are many stories which are inspired from real life events in this book. Many characters of this book can be seen in this room. This book is dedicated to all the free spirited, adventure seeking and fun loving souls that we are.”

On being asked how the novel will be special to Chandigararhians to which he replied “The first half of the story is set in Chandigarh and the second half of the story is set in Delhi. All the surroundings of Chandigarh are used elaborately. So, the characters visit Sukhna Lake, Elante Mall, Rock garden and they go for a ride on the Gedi route.”

He added “For reviewing Karma Café, we had given it to around 50 people including professionals of leading Media houses and students of Panjab University, Amity University and Symbiosis University Pune and the feedback is really motivating. This story has all the college fun we do, it has two very innocent and cute love stories which everyone will relate to, it also has chapters where the lead characters are preparing for CAT exams and MBA interviews. I guarantee that the readers will laugh, will get emotional as well as nostalgic and will definitely call their friends and plan a party.”

He said his next literary work would be another novel, but a romantic one this time.Robin Sharma is one author who inspires him the most. “Whether it is Monk who sold his Ferrari or Who will cry when you will die? Or The leader who had no title, he is an inspirational personality”, he added.


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