Meet Prankster Elaichi aka Hiba Nawab in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain



Beautiful and Talented actress Hiba Nawab will be seen in Sony SAB’s upcoming comedy show ‘Jijaji Chhat Per Hain’. She will be essaying the role of Elaichi who is a free-spirited, stubborn yet fun-loving girl. Hiba Nawab plays a notorious street smart girl who likes to do things her way. Elaichi is as unique as her name. Hiba sheds more light on her role as Elaichi.

1)      How does it feel to be part of the show?

  1. A)     It’s an amazing feeling, Comedy is a difficult genre and I am very excited to try something new. We are a bunch of some amazing actors and there is so much to learn. I am very much excited to kick start my journey with “Jijaji Chhat Per Hain”

2)      How did you bag this role?

  1. A)     I am lucky to have bagged this role without much struggle. I went for the audition and before I knew it I had bagged the role of Elaichi, I believe it was a perfect fit.

3)      Describe your character in brief

  1. A)     Elaichi is a girl who is full of life, a typical Chandni Chowk girl. You can call her mithai ka pataka, whose love for makeup and style can be seen in her love for lipstick and k She has a very colorful personality and loves spreading happiness wherever she goes.

4)      Would you relate yourself with Elaichi in Real life?

  1. A)     The character is quite close to my heart as I can see quite a few of my traits reflected in her.  She is so vibrant and full of life and without any filters. People feel the void when she is not around, similarly in my case whenever I am not at home everyone misses me.

5)      What are the challenges that you went through for this role?

  1. A)     Diction was quite the pressure point for me as her style of speaking is miles away from mine.  Getting her body language and style right was difficult for me but eventually I got into my character. My co-stars, my unit made me feel comfortable which made it easier for me so finally I am here as Elaichi

6)      You started as a Child actor and now you are working as a lead actress in shows, how is the journey for far?

  1. A)     It’s been a journey full of surprises . When I was a child artist I didn’t think that I was ever going to be a leading lady. I started my career with Sony SAB, with the show Lo Ho Gayi Pooja Iss Ghar Ki which was almost 9 years back. At that time there was no plan of pursuing a career in Television.  But eventually I thought that this industry chose me. After a short stint in television I went back to my hometown to complete my studies but here I am, back after a good 4 years.

7)      Are you a prankster in real life? Any particular prank you played which you still remember?

  1. A)      I am not very comfortable orchestrating pranks on people  But yes I won’t mind participating in a planned prank. Whether it is in school, home or the set. Unfortunately, I am always the victim instead of the prankster. 


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