Men hitting on me is flattering, admits Karan Tacker in a candid chat with his fans on UC News


Men hitting on me is flattering, admits Karan Tacker in a candid chat with his fans on UC News


 Valentine’s eve became quite special for Television heartthrob Karan Tacker’s fans as they got a chance to chat with him on UC News. Karan awed his fans with his different shades as he spoke on his experiences with love- especially his first love, gave advice to people and spoke about his projects. The chat got into a new level when he said that being hit by “a guy is flattering”.

Karan answered all the questions asked by his fans even if it was related to his personal life, preferences and also on his comeback in Television industry. Karan was quite a sporty when it came to interacting and giving ideas to his fans.

Meanwhile in the conversation, Karan Tacker expressed his love for handmade gifts and cards rather than the materialistic ones, he also admitted that his first preference are handmade stuffs when it comes to gifting something  to his near and dear ones.

In a question asked by one of his fans about his first love, he came out as a lover boy from school and accepted that he experienced the first taste of love in 7th grade and also shared his memories of Valentine’s Day and the efforts he made as a boyfriend for his partner during his school days.

Karan also expressed his opinion on one of the most controversial topic Gay relationships, that according to him it’s very normal and they shouldn’t be treated in a different way, Love deserves to be respected in every way.

The conversation turned out to be a very interesting one while answering a question where he did put dust on his dating rumours and also shared some insights on the links up and hooks of the TV industry while answering to a question “Love and Relationship in TV industry- real or fake?  He made his point very clear that love is not something related to industry and also stated that according to him the actors are much more emotional and sensitive.

Karan has recently being noticed for his poetic side and on UC News platform, fans got the real time experience of his poem during the conversation.  Karan loved his interaction with his fans and shared beautiful insights of his life and the Television media but also announced that he is not planning comeback on television soon which turned out as a disappointment for hi fans.  

UC News is focused on enriching the user experiences by giving users access to unique and exclusive content. The collaboration with Karan Tacker aims to give users a chance to know their favorite celebrity better, and also learn tips and tricks to make their Valentine’s Day most special. The #LovePathshala live chat on UC News received a total page views of 138,686 on 13th Feb 2018.



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