National Jock Exchange


Superhits 93.5 Red FM has always explored beyond the borders of creativity and regularity. Alike the other out of the box activities, this Independence Day, Red FM has taken the meaning of “borders” too literally and are on a mission to “hashtag cross the borders”.

National Jock Exchange.

Man has an inbuilt setting where his thinking clock ticks on a preconceived notion. We create in our mind, borders that do not exist at all. India being a united nation with a blend of 29 states and 7 union territories, we, have built borders considering the same differences, deep in our mind. This Independence Day Red FM is making RJs from 14 cities cross the border (border of their studio, city, state) to make a point that this country is one and we need to break the borders that divide this country in 29 pieces. So this is under the umbrella of National Jock Exchange happening on the pretext of Independence Day.

RJ Malliskha, Mumbai Ki Rani will be taking over Morning No.1 RJ Anubhav’s show whereas Anubhav will go to Jodhpur and host the Morning No.1 in the Rajasthani city.

Superhits 93.5 Red FM

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