Not knowing Podcast & Mrig Sight Media unveil new collaborative series featuring Merch Matters


Not knowing Podcast & Mrig Sight Media unveil new collaborative series featuring Merch Matters

Mrig Sight Media, a leading marketing and branding agency, is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with the popular podcast channel, Not Knowing Podcast. This collaboration is intended to push new boundaries and create engaging content that resonates with audiences in various industries, beginning with the business and entrepreneurial path.

As the first result of this collaboration, a captivating podcast featuring Mr. Karan Sehdev, the Founder of Merch Matter, was published. This session provided valuable insights into Merch Matter’s growth trajectory and included both informative and entertaining content for listeners.

Siddanth, host of the Not Knowing Podcast, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “Working with Mrig Sight Media has been an incredible experience. The conversation with Karan was not only informative but also enjoyable. His dynamic personality and innovative ideas provided our listeners with new perspectives. We are excited to share more such inspiring stories with our audience”.

Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Founder of Mrig Sight Media stated that “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting collaboration with Not Knowing Podcast, which aligns perfectly with our mission to create compelling content that not only informs but also inspires our audience. By featuring dynamic leaders like Mr. Karan Sehdev, we hope to provide valuable insights and foster a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. We believe that this series will highlight the importance of innovation, perseverance, and strategic planning in achieving business success. We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories and always ready to push the boundaries of podcast content creation.”

This collaboration between Mrig Sight Media and Not Knowing Podcast is poised to deliver more informative and inspiring content. By combining the marketing and branding expertise of Mrig Sight Media with the engaging and insightful platform of Not Knowing Podcast, both entities aim to create a deeper understanding and discussion on critical business issues with a touch of sarcasm.


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