There would be very few people in Punjabi music Industry that won’t be aware : Chirag Thakur



There would be very few people in Punjabi music industry that won’t be aware of her name: Chirag Thakur, not because her singing but for her acting and modelling skills. Started young she has rose to the heights of her career as a model. She has become a role model to a lot of girls out there who sometimes hesitate to take control of their dreams and achieve something.

She belongs to the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh and very few people know that she was a state merit rank holder in metric. Later she moved to Chandigarh for higher studies. She had pursued Bachelors in Engineering from Chitkara University, Punjab in Electronics and Communication. When asked her about the best memory from her academic life she didn’t hesitated to mentioned about the time spent with her friends but her personal favorite was when she presented project in front of our former President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during his visit to the University for an event. Coming from an engineering background from a pioneered institute, Chirag decided to challenge the conventions of doing 8 to 5 job and opted out for Modeling.

She entered into the industry with a role in song by a well renowned artist Rupinder Handa when she was still pursuing engineering. She also worked in other beautiful masterpieces like Mutiyar by Raj Ranjodh and Muchh Khadi Rakhda by Ravinder Grewal. She also worked for a TV Show aired by Life OK Savdhaan India. Currently working as a successful artist/model in the industry, recently she featured in a song by Kamal khan, winner of saregamapa and the voice behind many soulful Bollywood songs, Barsataan. She is also a proud jury member for various talent hunt shows happening around the city. She is definitely encouraging the youth to come and showcase their talent and skills.

With an ending note when asked about her future aspiration, if she wants to be a model or an actor. Her reply was very definite as her goals to be a successful actor and would always prefer acting over modelling as She always did. Hearing this we were curious to know about her future plans of joining the Punjabi Cinema to which she replied she definitely have plans and currently working for it but hasn’t revealed any movie name or the current projects she is working on. She left us here with a sweet suspense and a lot of curiosity to look forward to her upcoming work.

We would like to wish her success and all the very best for her upcoming project. We hope she achieve all the success and fulfill all her dreams.


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