PTI teachers deprived of their jobs despite their selection with higher qualifications

Apart from High Court’s judgment violation, previous and present Govts negligence continues.



One side Punjab Govt is making their efforts to fill up the requisition of under staff teachers in state, while on other hand 241 PTI teachers, even of their merits are deprived of their jobs, that too with a patience of nine years. These teachers are yet to given their joining letters.. The affected teachers grieve that, even after High Court judgment, previous and present Govt are refraining them from their rights.

While addressing a Press Conference today at Chandigarh Press Club, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Patron, Equity and Justice (International) who had come to rescue the victimized teachers said, “Education Department advertised for filling the 244 PTI teachers vacant seats in year 2008

PTI teachers deprived of their jobs despite their selection with higher qualifications
photo by santanshu

The selection scam came into highlight when Department ruled out the successful list in which candidate with the basic qualifications as per criteria were given selection against those having merit and higher qualifications. He said, these affected teachers refuge at Punjab & Haryana High Court against the education department.

High Court too, give a judgment in the favour of candidates bearing the higher qualification. Reacting to same, Education Department put up the case at Double Bench but again decision lied in the favour of previous winning party.  Abide by the judgment, Education Department relieved those candidates with basic qualification from their job but petitioners’ candidates were still not given appointment letters. In between relieved PTI teachers also went to High Court which is now the subjection to stay. Since 2013, the candidates bearing the higher qualifications are running pillars to pillars for their rights. Representing their case, Equity & Justice International are demanding state Govt should not overrule the High Court judgment and should give appointments to deserving candidates.


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