“I am proud of having my roots in Haryana” : Said Yashpal Sharma

Renowned Social Activist Renu Mathur Felicitates famous Bollywood Actor Yashpal Sharma in Honour of Haryana Day



Renowned Social Activist Renu Mathur shared her Vision for the State at the celebration of Haryana Day!

At the celebration of 51st birth anniversary of the state, renowned Social Activist, and divinatory Renu Mathur said, “Mr.Yashpal Sharma, a famous Bollywood actor and theatre artist, has made a name as a niche actor in Bollywood and has made a great effort for taking the state’s cinema and art forward, through his remarkable performances and continuous efforts to promote Haryana. One should take inspiration from Yashpal Ji, who has achieved all what he has dreamt of.”

Renowned Social Activist Renu Mathur Felicitates famous Bollywood Actor Yashpal Sharma in Honour of Haryana
Photo by Parveen Kumar

She also added, “I am proud the culture that state has and of the fact that we are working on gender based discrimination by providing education, equality in every sector. As a Social Activist the increasing rate of crime, domestic violence, rape, molestation we all should take an initiative eradicating it all from the state in coming years”

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Actor,Director,Producer and writer Yashpal Sharma loves reading books of Lakshmi Chand who himself never went School but gives Brahm Gyan,”I already read 27 books of Lakshmi Chand and huge fan of him”, said Yashpal Sharma.

“I am very thankful to Renu ji for honouring me and I also respect her work as a social activist, for doing her best to provide emotional, social and legal support to the victims in need and really appreciate her efforts in empowering women.” Says Bollywood Actor Yashpal Sharma.

He also added, “I am proud of having my roots in Haryana”. Just like Punjabi and Marathi Cinema, I want the state’s cinema to reach new heights. Every mother wants her son to join the army. The state has produced great acting and sporting talent and provided great respect to men and women equally by ending gender discrimination.”

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