Saksharta Bharti Abhiyan’s Student-Led Effort Educates more than 65,000 Non-Literate Adults


Saksharta Bharti Abhiyan's Student-Led Effort Educates more than 65,000 Non-Literate Adults

Bharti Airtel Foundation’s Satya Bharti Schools continue to make significant strides in empowering students through community-focused initiatives, reinforcing the belief that children can indeed change the world. Central to this effort are student-led community campaigns aimed at raising awareness and fostering social responsibility among young learners.

Satya Bharti Schools have been actively involved in numerous impactful community campaigns, with a notable focus on adult literacy through the Saksharta Bharti Abhiyan. Initiated in 2016, the Saksharta Bharti Abhiyan stands out as one of the key initiatives where students from Satya Bharti Schools play a vital role in advocating the need of at least the basic education for non-literate adults in their families and communities. Given as a part of a summer vacation task, the students so far have supported more than 65,000 non-literate adults in their families and communities to gain fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. This initiative not only aims to enhance basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills but also instills a sense of empowerment and social responsibility among the students.

Under the guidance of dedicated teachers, students of Satya Bharti Schools are trained in effective teaching methods while the curriculum is carefully curated by Bharti Airtel Foundation, covering alphabets, simple words, numeracy, story reading, and writing exercises. This initiative demonstrates the belief that children can spark positive change, starting from their own homes and extending to the broader society. Beyond literacy, these programs promote leadership skills and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education.

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