Sister gives Brother the Gift of Life at Fortis Mohali on RakshaBandhan

Donated kidney from 37 year old saved the life of 35 year old brother suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) at Fortis Hospital, Mohali

 Doctors at Fortis Hospital performed a kidney transplantation when a sister donated her kidney to save her brother on the eve of ‘RakshaBandhan.’ A kidney transplant was essential as the patient was suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure (CKD). The operation was successfully conducted by Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan, Consultant, Urology and Transplant Surgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Fortis hospital celebrated rakshabandhan

Rita Devi, 37, decided to donate her kidney to save her younger brother Surender, 35, after doctors advised transplantation to help him recover from CKD on this pious day of RakshaBandhan. The creatinine levels of the patient was slowly rising and the kidney function was deterioratingfor more than twelve months now. The brother and sister are from Himachal Pradesh and came for treatment to the city.
Speaking about this momentous deed, Dr PriyadarshiRanjan said, “This case was a text book case of pre-emptive Kidney transplant wherein the transplant is done before the start of dialysis. Given the urgency the donor’s sister decided to donate her kidney for his transplant. It took around fifteen days to complete all the legal requirements for a transplant and here we are today, with a healthy patient who has nothing but blessings for his sister on this joyous occasion.”
Surender, who is recovering now at the hospital, said, “My sister has been a pillar of strength for me throughout my life. Today, on this auspicious day of RakshaBandhan, she is gifting me a new life with her donated kidney. I’m beyond words upon knowing that she is saving my life.”
At this beautiful moment, the staff of Fortis Hospital in Mohali organized a little RakshaBandhan ceremony for the brother and sister. With a big smile and moist eyes, an emotional Rita Devi said,“RakshaBandhan is an occasion that is very close to my heart. I am happy that I could share a gift with my brother that he can value for life.”
In an event at Elante Mall in Chandigarh, Fortis Hospital, Mohali organized an event to create awareness about the need and importance of cadaveric organ donation. Many donors and recipients shared their stories with common people. Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan was one of the key speakers for the event who shared the moving tale of how a sister donated her kidney to saved life of her brother. Many people present at the event pledged to donate their organs at the event.



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