SPEAK India (Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable Health Care) organized an inter school painting competition  at Saravhitkari School, Sector 40 D on healthy lifestyle. Welcoming  Dr. Kumar Principal of the school Mr. B.S.Kanwar, underlined a big role of schools and teachers in health education. Over a 100 students from10 different schools showed their creativity & painting skills in the competition. Students made drawings with strong messages against use of drugs, eating fast food etc.

Sarvhitkari school sector -40D chandigarh

Dr. R.Kumar a Senior Eye specialist & President of SPEAK introduced the subject before the onset of competition and called upon the youth to inculcate healthy habits to usher in Healthy India. Dr. Kumar While emphasizing the role of healthy life style ie balanced and appropriate foods, regular yoga and exercises, adequate sleep, ethics in every aspect of life, he focused on young children’s habits that lead to poor health.

He specially focused on the necessity of 10-12 glasses of water per day. He advised school canteens to set a good example by banning fried foods, high carbohydrate foods and colas and teas and make a paradigm shift to fruits, sprouts, curds etc He cautioned over the abuse of medicines, diagnostic tests, interventions by the patients and doctors. “Most ailments are trivial and are self limiting. Many other symptoms may be due to underlying stress. The consultation of a doctor, use of medicines of surgery should not be a habit-it should be done when absolutely necessary. ” Said Dr Kumar.

Ms Rashim Verma, Fine Art Teacher, of the School said, “The students were divided into two groups Grade 6-8 & Grade 9-12. The prizes to the winning students will be given by Sh Sanjay Tandon, who will be the chief guest at the school function on August 5.”

 It is noteworthy that Speak India plans to hold street plays, full length plays, one act play competition, Kavi sammelan, Wakathon, yoga competition, debates and talks to spread the twin messages of healthy life style and to avoid abuse of medical resources.This is a part of ‘selling health through education’ campaign and youth is the most fertile medium for the same.



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