Stop dumping Garbage at Dadumajra: Pawan Kumar Bansal



Concerned over the way the authorities in Chandigarh have handled the Dadu Majra garbage dumping site issue, former Union Minister and ex-MP Pawan Kumar Bansal has called for immediate action to bring respite to the residents and save them from perilous health problems.

In a statement, Bansal said that the very thought that they are a part of ‘City Beautiful’ has become a joke for the residents of Dadu Majra. “Heaps of unprocessed garbage, unbearable offensive stench, medical waste, fires breaking out, poisonous gases emanating leading to dreadful health issues – is this what you call “Swachh Chandigarh?” he asked.

Even though both MC and Chandigarh Administration are aware of this problem, yet no concrete action has been taken to shift the dumping site or ensure that the garbage processing plant runs to its full capacity.

Expressing grave concern over the present state of affairs, ex-MP said, “I fail to understand how MC can be so insensitive and callous on this grave health hazard. Even last year when the plant had suspended its operation midway demanding more tipping fee despite processing less than 20% of the total garbage, the authorities timidly accepted the demand but the situation has only worsened “, he said.

He further said, “Seven years back the same dumping area of today had become a beautiful park for children and people used to come there for a walk. But now garbage is being dumped over it and people are being exposed to all health risks. The Punjab & Haryana ordered MC to look for a new site for garbage processing plant, but no action has been taken to either follow it or work out any alternative plan.

 Garbage is being dumped at the landfill in the most unscientific manner which leads to breeding of flies, mosquitoes and it generates poisonous gases, leading to the present hopeless situation, Bansal added.


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