Sub-gradation OF Systems Required to Reach the Next Level: Badnore


We have to make different arrangements exist in the city and modern if we can move forward towards a great city :Badnore


Punjab Governor V. P.Singh Badnore Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, “Smart Cities by ASSOCHAM: Leveraging Technology”   The international conference that has been steadily migrating to the cities from rural areas. He said that people in droves to the millions in the near future, according to an estimate that migrating to cities. Need Smart cities such increases significantly. Thus, the present facilities in cities and more need to be able and modern is made.

The chairman of the US-based Unique Infrastructure Group and CEO Ronald H. Bowman saying about the international standards for smart cities “is emerging as a modern smart structures in India. Have recognized us challenges and needs that it will reach a reasonable level, according to him. Benefits with a sustainable financial solutions for the overall development of technology can also play an important role. “

Smart Cities by ASSOCHAM: Leveraging Technology

To further strengthen the business relationship between the ASSOCHAM India and Unique Infrastructure Group II (UIG2), during the ceremony and signed an agreement to enhance mutual cooperation. The Honorable Punjab governor are present.

While Dalip director of ASSOCHAM Sharma said, “smart cities projects will successfully support us different techniques to accomplish. Data Communications, a broad cloud, mobility and sensor, all these techniques the IOT ecosystem together. In laying the foundation of Smart Cities is an important contribution to all these. That is why the rapid growth in these technologies and we can reach better connectivity services.

Smart Cities by ASSOCHAM: Leveraging Technology

The study of energy and renewable energy committee chairman Hartek Group CMD Hartek Singh said, “The development of smart cities for economic development is vital. Smart city, improve our lifestyle and are able to meet the needs of the growing population. Infrastructure development, better facilities for smart cities and technology make them worth it. That’s why we are attached to these techniques and work to create an effective and smooth transition.

IT for various specialists Smart Cities Summit, ICT and   The emphasis on the role of ITeS. Experts communication networks, security technology and e-governance was also important. Meanwhile, Building Information Modeling (BIM) were also cited as effective for smart cities.

Attended by around 150 competitors in the conference, including with planner with government officials of different states, consultants, architects, builders, investors, and various dignitaries.


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