Tathacharya to rob King Krishnadevraya’s crown in Tenali Rama


Tathacharya to rob King Krishnadevraya’s crown in Tenali Rama


With Tenali Rama continuing to be win hearts in Vijaynagar, problems for Rama seem to be never ending. After defeating Mohini with her intellectual challenge, Pandit Ramakrishna now have to deal with a magician from Portugal who enters Vijaynagar Kingdom with some hidden agendas.

King Krishnadevraya finds his late grandfather’s Pagdi (crown) and everyone decides to celebrate this by organising crowning ceremony of the King. In the ceremony, arrives a magician from Portugal named Marquis De Pompadour (Vikas Verma). He woos everyone with his magic tricks. Tattacharya challenges Marquis to show some unique tricks which no one has seen before. In reprisal, Marquis hypnotises Tathacharya and makes Dhani – Mani act like monkeys. Krishnadevraya gets highly impressed with his skills and gifts him some jewels. But the magician has different plan. He meets Tathacharya and hypnotizes him only to make him rob Krishnadevraya’s crown.

What is the motive behind Marquis’s stealing the crown? How will King Krishnadevraya react?

Commenting on the track, Manav Gohil who plays King Krishnadevraya says, “The magician Marquis has some hidden agenda. While he plays his magic and successfully impresses Krishnadevraya, but his motive to rob the crown of Krishnadevraya is a mystery. The viewers will really enjoy the track as they will see some off beat magic as well.”


Catch this interesting track on Tenali Rama, from Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on Sony SAB!


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