Tenali Rama, the epic folklore launches on Sony SAB


Indian culture is enriched with many ancient tales and fables. We have all enjoyed reading some of these legendary stories which have stood the test of time. Sony SAB presents Tenali Rama, one such epic tale laden with memorable instances of the use of wit and humour by its central character, Tenali.  Premiering on Tuesday, 11th of July, every Monday to Friday at 20:00 hours on Sony SAB, Tenali Rama will take the audience back in time to the 15th Century and prove that intelligence and presence of mind can be used deftly to solve any problem or to deal with anydemanding situation.

Pankaj Berry as Tathacharya, Krishna Bharadwaj as Tenali Rama & Manav Gohil as Krishnadevraya

Tenali Rama was a witty poet in the court of King Krishnadevraya. With his acumen and humour, it did not take much time for him to become the King’s favorite. However, his popularity bred contempt in Tathacharya, the head priest of the darbaar,who worked relentlessly to dishonor Tenali. The way Tenali handles tricky situations created by Tathacharya will be a great treat for viewers to watch and they will end up learning from it as well!

The premise of the show centersaround Tenali Rama, played by Krishna Bharadwaj who gets appointed as the poet and one of the eight wise men in the court of KingKrishnadevraya, played by ManavGohil. Tenali Rama always uses his shrewdness and unique methods to solve the craftiestand trickiest of allproblems. His swaggering success makes his rivalTathacharya played by Pankaj Berry, supremely jealous and wants to throw him out of the court.

Pankaj Berry as Tathacharya, Krishna Bhradwaj as Tenali Rama & Manav Gohil as Krishnadevraya

Some of the other important people in Tenali’s life are his mother, Laxmi played by Nimisha Vakharia, his wife Sharda, played by Priyamvada Kant. Tenali is often stumped by the peculiarities of his mother and wife ashis mother is a religious woman who has taken a wow of lifetime silence and his wife is the only one who understands her sign language but interprets it according to her own will, often adding a little spice and drama.

The show begins with 25-year-old Tenali Rama who is anultimate procrastinator and too lazyto pursue his dreams, but at the same time he also wants to become rich and famous. An honored saint asks him to go to the village temple and recite a powerful mantra. Tenali does the same and manages to impress Goddess Kali played by BarkhaBisht. Goddess Kali appears in front of him with a bowl of milk and a bowl of curd. She asks him to pick one but Tenali ends up gulping both which leaves Kali fuming. The very astute Tenali reasons by explaining that there is no use of one without the other. She gets impressed by his wit and blesses him saying that he will become a Vaikatavi, a jesting poet in Krishnadevaraya’s court. Later Tenali Rama leaves for Hampi with a desire to bea part of Krishnadevraya’s court.


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