Top Indian Platforms Fostering Skillful Learning Engagement for Children


Top Indian Platforms Fostering Skillful Learning Engagement for Children

Top Indian Platforms Fostering Skillful Learning Engagement for Children

It’s vital to involve kids in activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills from a young age. It is crucial to engage kids in activities that foster critical thinking and the growth of problem-solving abilities in our fast-paced modern society. These abilities enable them to think of fresh ideas and fixes to change the world of today. This encourages their intellectual development and flexibility by giving them the freedom to investigate novel concepts and solutions.

Additionally, interactive platforms are essential for improving kids’ hand-eye coordination, creativity, self-expression, concentration, learning, and planning skills. They make it easier for kids to absorb information and ideas, enabling them to use creativity to come up with solutions and bolstering their intellectual and cognitive foundation. Today’s world offers a wide variety of cutting-edge platforms intended to improve abilities and foster kids’ creativity and cognitive growth.

Here is a compilation of five Indian platforms that parents can explore to keep their children engaged in these constructive activities:

Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI)

Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI) provides a creative haven for young artists to express themselves. Founded in January 2022 by Manya Roongta, aged 16, and Krish Nawal, aged 13, CAMI offers a multifaceted platform for artistic exploration. CAMI serves as an art exhibition platform, empowering schools to establish their galleries, hosting art contests and surveys to showcase young talents, and featuring insightful art-related blogs. Beyond this, CAMI extends its offerings to users with monthly newsletters, the opportunity to print their artwork on unique items, access to mentorship for artistic growth, and tools to monitor their artistic development. The overarching mission of CAMI is to foster a vibrant community of curious and talented young individuals, encouraging them to explore and celebrate the world of art.

Top Indian Platforms Fostering Skillful Learning Engagement for Children

Papers N Parcels

 Papers N Parcels is an innovative courier service operating in Mumbai, and its founder, 16-year-old Tilak Mehta, has spearheaded this venture. This app-based courier service specializes in the swift delivery of small parcels and documents within the bustling city of Mumbai, ensuring same-day delivery for its customers.Impressively, Papers N Parcels has grown to encompass a substantial workforce, boasting over 200 dedicated employees who work in conjunction with a network of more than 300 Dabbawala partners. Collectively, they efficiently manage a substantial volume of deliveries, handling a minimum of 1200 deliveries each day. This thriving enterprise represents a shining example of youthful entrepreneurship and effective urban logistics within Mumbai.


 Merlinwand is a unique book service tailored for children, where they become the heroes of their own stories. In an age characterized by information overload, excessive video consumption, and screen time, Merlinwand has taken on a noble mission. They aim to encourage children to engage their thinking and creative faculties, enabling them to unlock their full potential. Among their captivating collection of novels are titles like ‘The Tingling Finger,’ ‘The Climate Ninja,’ ‘The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer,’ ‘The Great Timbooktu Rescue,’ and ‘The Music Band,’ among others. These stories empower children to embark on imaginative journeys, fostering a love for reading while instilling important lessons about the world around them. Merlinwand’s books are a gateway to a world where children can be the heroes of their own adventures and champions of positive change.


 Children between the age group of three and 12 can improve their reading, speaking, and conversational English skills by using Freedom, a comprehensive learning platform. by developing the discipline necessary to learn through regular routines. Kids receive content that is tailored to their interests and a reading log to help them keep track of things. Including entertaining elements like badges and points to keep kids motivated and interested. This platform is the ideal English learning partner for thousands of primary school students since it offers engaging activity packs, stories from renowned authors and publishers, monthly challenges, and trackers to keep track of progress.

The Scoop Beats

The Scoop Beats, founded by Divya Gandotra Tandon when she was just 17, stands as an internet media company with a unique mission. It serves as a central hub for intellectual enrichment and knowledge expansion. The core objective of Scoop Beats is to bridge the gap between individuals and the real world by providing swift access to valuable information. In pursuit of this goal, Scoop Beats is dedicated to delivering information promptly, ensuring that speed does not compromise the quality or reliability of the data. Through their commitment to efficient and reliable reporting, they aim to empower their audience with insights that facilitate a deeper understanding of the world around them. Scoop Beats is a testament to the potential of young entrepreneurs to make a significant impact in the realm of Internet media.


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