Trade Facebook, TV Time For An Active Lifestyle to stay cancer-free: Expert

CII blood donation camp in the northern region headquarters and cancer organized awareness camps

To encourage and sensitize more and more people for the noble cause of blood donation, and to spread awareness about Cancer, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Northern Region, Indian Society of Blood Transfusion & Immunohematology (ISBTI) and Gilard Electronics Private Ltd, organised a Blood Donation Camp and Cancer Awareness Programme at CII NR Headquarters, Chandigarh, today.
A team of doctors and para-medical staff from the Government Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh, conducted the camp and collected 70 units of blood.
 Mr Sukhdeep GillRegional Director, Global Cancer Concern India, said, “Nine major Cancers have been found to be related to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Adding to this is the fact that people are spending, as per a study, two hours on an average on the social media like Facebook, besides watching television, which is also leading to blindness. To prevent Cancer, it is crucial to invest this time in physical exercise like Yoga, gardening, dancing, walking or any other such activity. Unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of 40% of Cancers. Besides changing our inactive lifestyle, good dietary habits like including three to five kinds of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables in our diet every day. It is a must as these flush out all toxins from our body thereby building immunity to fight Cancer.”
“Awareness about Cancer leading to early diagnosis of Cancer holds the key to surviving Cancer. Except lung Cancer, all other types of Cancer are curable in early stages.”
“Any unexplained symptom like swelling in any part of the body, pain, weight loss, change in colour or shape of moles, bleeding, fever, change in bowel routine, appearance of red or white patches on the roof or floor of the mouth without any sensation, difficulty in swallowing food, stomach bloating, are red flags and must be checked for Cancer,” he warned.
“Adopting a healthier lifestyle by giving up smoking, drinking, processed or junk food and drinks, red meat, etc and getting more exercise, making water a drink, adding three to five kinds of vegetables and fruits in daily diet, cutting down on social media, use of mobile phone and television are a must to stay Cancer-free,” he said.


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