Triyambak cause problems for Chopra’s in Sony SAB’s Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo


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The journey of Lie is never ending for Jai in the show Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo. After lying to Jaya and his father Lalitrao Lokhande about being poor. But it seems now that Jai’s journey of lying is about to end with the entry of Triyambak.

After all the sham and creating a fake family – finally Lalitrao Lokhande accepted Jai as his soon to be son-in-law but he wants both his daughters to get married at the same time. Soon, Lokhande finds a match for Jaya’s sister Sushma. Triyambak, one of Lokhande’s disciple from the ashram, who he thinks is a perfect fit for his daughter Sushma. However, Triyambak becomes a big threat for Chopras as he has the talent to read people’s mind. As soon as Triyambak enters the Chopra house he starts sensing trouble around Chopra family. Lokhande announces the engagement ceremony of Sushma and Triyambak along with Jaya and Jai. This becomes a threat for the Chopras as they wanted Sushma to marry Deepak, so Jai along with his friend Deepak and his family decides to break this engagement.

Sajjan Re Phir Jhhot May Bolo,Dushyant Wagh,Hussain Kuwajerwala

Will Triyambak sense Chopra’s reality or will the Chopra’s be able to kick Triyambak out of Sushma’s life?

Commenting on the track, Hussain Kuwajerwala who plays Jai said, “Jai has been trying hard to impress Jaya’s father and when he finally does he has one more hurdle in his way. Jaya father has decided that both his daughter’s will get married together. And there comes their biggest threat triyambhak who can get vibes from people when they are lying or hiding something. To get rid of Triyambak they now create a situation which turns out to be a hilarious one.”


To watch what happens next, tune into Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo, Monday to Friday at 9.00pm only on Sony SAB!



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