Trust zenith roots announce initiative“REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS FOR WOMEN”



Emphasizing on reproductive rights as human rights central to women’s and girls’ equality and empowerment, Trust Zenith Roots made an announcement of their initiative on women’s health and their reproductive rights in the presence of International Personality Lakshmi Agarwal (Acid Attack Survivor and Motivator), Renu Mathur (Trustee & Official Spokesperson of Zenith Roots and Renowned Social Activist) and Mayank P Shrivastava (Bollywood Director, Supporter of Women Empowerment) at Sector 9, Panchkula.

With 30 Years of experience renowned Social Activist and Trustee of Zenith Roots, Renu Mathur said, “Human Rights cannot be fully realized unless reproductive rights are recognized and protected. With startling disregard for the reality of women’s health, Zenith Roots initiative to acknowledge woman about their reproductive rights and “SHE” should have an ability to make decisions about her life, health and future that’s how things will improve. Family planning, including how much access women have to contraceptives and abortion – all issues related to women health needs extra care.”

Lakshmi Agarwal and Mayank P Shrivastava honoured by Zenith Roots – Shallu Aggarwal and Neha Aggarwal for their contribution in the Society.

With an attempt to render invisible the struggles of women and girls to fully exercise their human rights free from discrimination and violence Acid Attack Survivor and Motivator Lakshmi Agarwal shared her views on this noble cause. She said, “Most of us refuse to recognise it is important for every woman to acknowledge her reproduction rights that includes family planning, preconception, prenatal, postnatal care and there are many more grey areas that needs further improvisation and must be in acknowledgement of every individual.”

Lakshmi further appreciated Zenith Roots and Renu Mathur and said, “I am honoured to be here at this noble initiative and I would like to pay a piece of gratitude with #wematter to Mrs. Renu Mathur Ma’am for 30 years’ service to humanity and her endless support to the noble initiatives. She has always been a backbone to such causes.”

In last Bollywood Director Mayank P Shrivastava shared his views on women empowerment and shared his believes about the issues faced by women. And he specially visited to announce his upcoming Life and Event Documentary on Mrs Renu Mathur.




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