Want to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing?: Here are Some Basics:-


Want to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing?: Here are Some Basics:-

words like digital marketing and online marketing are very frequently used nowadays. These are terms that have made its way into the nook and cranny of every corner in any country. However, these words that are so frequently used aren’t understood by many in the real sense of the term. People mouth these words to express a certain feeling vaguely while trying to make an impact with these jargons.


Worry not, we have dedicated this article to break down these jargons for your comprehension.


What is Online Marketing?


Traditionally a particular business could reach to only a certain number of consumers as it was not possible for them to physically deliver their products and services to the customers who lived far away. In fact, it wasn’t even possible for a firm to make their existence be known.


The firms who wanted some popularity had to spend an inordinate amount of money on the advertisement on various media and set up placards on rented places in order to attract customers.


Online marketing is advertising a company’s products or services on a digital platform. This process aims to keep the loyal customers of the company intact while creating a new base of customers who are willing to buy the product or the service of the company.


Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing: Are they the Same Thing?


Precisely ‘Yes’. They are the same thing. However, we would delve into detail for better knowledge.

All forms of social marketing are digital marketing, but the vice-versa isn’t true. i.e. if one posts an advertisement on social media, it is available digitally, but there are other digital media are available which does not fall under the category of social media.


Are there Various Platforms and Concepts of Digital Marketing?


Indeed there are many concepts and various platforms of digital marketing. We have enlisted them as follows;-


SEM– the full form of SEM is search Engine marketing. Search engines are enormous platforms for digital marketing. The concept of SEM involves promoting websites on search results in the search engine page. This form of marketing holds tremendous importance in the B2B industry.


SEO- This is a very common word that is used by many and applies my many more. ‘SEO’ stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This concept is applied to the contents of a website. Contents are written in a way such that a particular site shows up as high as possible on the Google results.  


It is the SEO of the content of the website that allows Google to scan it easily and allows a search engine’s algorithm to crawl into the website more efficiently. IT is the SEO of a website that gets its higher ranking in the SEM.


SMM- It stands for ‘social media marketing’.  This form of marketing is very effective when a business seeks to do transactions with consumer i.e. in the B2C model business transaction.


We all, know the popularity of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. and people indeed seek to buy whatever is trending. If a firm advertises its goods or services on social media, chances are that it would reach people of every walks of life and make a bigger impact than on other forms of marketing.


Re-Marketing– This concept is recent and it is gaining massive popularity over time. Re-marketing is also known as retargeting, this form of digital marketing uses Java tag which places a cookie in the browser of the targeted consumer.


In this sort of marketing, a potential customer gets a personalized message from a site he or she has already visited. The site reminds the customer of their products by showing random pop-ups or advertisements on their social media pages. This form of digital marketing helps to turn a potential consumer into an actual consumer.


In order to get success in the digital market for a company, it needs to formulate a balanced marketing strategy using all of the above and implement it effectively.


Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing


There is a sea of difference between traditional form of marketing and online marketing. The basic differences are mentioned between traditional marketing and digital marketing are mentioned below;-


  1.    Price point: Traditional form of marketing can cost a fortune. Previously a considerable amount a business’ capital was spent on marketing. With the advent of television and stars endorsing certain brands, it shot higher.

but in digital marketing, you can promote a product cost-effectively. One can definitely choose to get certain products endorsed by celebs, but there are other cost-effective ways too to reach to the targeted customers.


  1.    Conversation Type: conversation in traditional marketing was one way, where the seller said and the buyer listened; in digital marketing, there are scopes for instant feedback from the consumers that helps a great deal in setting up and improving a business.


  1.    The parameter for Success of the Strategy: In traditional marketing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy depended upon the ‘number of times’ a particular advertisement reaches a consumer; but in digital marketing, it depends on the engaging-quotient of an advertisement. In Digital marketing, if it makes an impact, it will automatically attract people.


  1.    Analysing the strategy’s Effectiveness: In the traditional marketing, it was impossible to analyse the number of times an ad reached a potential consumer: things are very different in digital marketing where we can view how many people saw a product and how many actually bought it.


  1.    Transparency: Traditional form of marketing often resorted to exaggeration of product benefits, and implemented it effectively as the communication was just one way: however as there is little opaqueness in the digital form as the communication is both ways and consumers can ask their queries up front.

Want to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing?: Here are Some Basics:-

Should Traditional Marketing be Completely Cast Aside?

The answer is ‘No’. the best and the most effective of marketing strategy is formed when both of them are combined together. There is a section of the society who aren’t that gadget-friendly, traditional marketing might work best for them, even though digital marketing might work better for most.






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