Ways to save water


By Gaurika(Chandigarhcitynews)

As all of us know​ that there is very less water in the world so we should conserve it there are some ways to save water

We should not use hose pipe to clean our driveway and sidewalk we should use a wet mop. We should not leave taps  running while washing clothes , dishes, shaving or brushing teeth. We should be concerned stop or report all leakages. We should avoid showers and take bath with bucket and mug. We should water plants with the water used for washing vegetables or fruits etc. And the most important we should take up rainwater harvesting in our Colony . We always open the tab when we brush but it is wrong we should close it when we are brushing and these steps will save up to 15 litres of perminute. And we should remember that only 2% of all the water is fit for drinking and cooking so we should conserve it we should not waste it.

Save water save life.


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