Will protest if the demands are not met: SBI VRS 2017 Employees Association



Will protest if the demands are not met: SBI VRS 2017 Employees Association

Will protest if the demands are not met: SBI VRS 2017 Employees Association

Inspite of placing legitimate demands before State Bank of India for the last many years, nothing has moved in the State Bank of India. If the bank does not accept their demands by March 31 and does not give benefits to the retired employees, then the SBI VRS 2017 Employees Association will protest peacefully in the month of April in front of the local head office of SBI in Sector 17.

Association President, Yograj Garg was addressing a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club here today. At the time of their retirement, many assurances were given by SBI but have not been  fulfilled from 2017 till date, he complained.

Association’s Deputy President, Ravinder Mittal, Secretary Brij Mohan Goyal, Joint Secretary Karmavir Puri, treasurer Pawan Kumar Goyal and executive members Hemant Kumar and Rajesh Passe and other members were also present with him.

Before their retirement, bank had issued instructions regarding all types of facilities and benefits to be provided to them which were available to retirees on superannuation. On perusing these benefits 742 employees/officers of erstwhile State Bank of Patiala took Voluntary Retirement but the bank did not provide them all such benefits after their retirement. These benefits include providing gifts on retirement to all employees, full year entertainment allowance to officers, interest on leave encashment for delayed period of 23 days, calculation of special allowance in ex gratia amount, providing re-employment in bank after retirement to desirous officers while the instructions were issued for above said benefits.

He told that for the above  benefits their association wrote several letters to the Chairman State Bank of India Mumbai, Deputy Managing  Director , Mumbai and Chief General Manager Chandigarh but they did  not reply. Information was also sought on the above subject under RTI but in that also the bank confirmed that no action has been taken and no reply has been given.

He told that in addition to the above, issues were raised before the bank which have not yet been resolved, in which overtime has not yet been paid to the employees and officers of demonetisation period. Stagnation increments have also not been sanctioned by Delhi Circle to 3 officers namely Suraj Bhan Aggarwal, Vinod Kumar Chutani, Mohan Lal Saini for which a legal notice was also served to Chairman and CGM Delhi Circle.

Those who have been sanctioned stagnation increments have not been given increase in pension.

He further said, Mr. Dildar Ansari, Assistant General Manager, Chandigarh LHO, who was the head of HR, remained the main hurdle against whom complaint was also made but Instead of taking action against him, he was promoted to the post of Deputy General Manager.

“This proves that by shielding the said officer, the bank is hurting our interests and depriving us of our benefits.” He told that a letter was written in August 2022 to meet the bank management but no reply was given. Then in October 2022, a reminder was sent, no response was given to that too.

Retired employees are now facing another problem. The bank has given a contract to a company named Tata 1mg for the supply of medicines for the retired employees, but this company is not following the rules of the bank and is not giving the subsidy it should be giving. It is not even supplying all the medicines and makes excuses. The bank should give instructions to the company for improvement.

He said that they never wanted to defame the name of their own bank but they were forced to hold this press conference. He added that if the bank does not fulfill their demands by March 31, 2023, then they will be forced to protest peacefully in front of the local head office of the bank in Chandigarh in the month of April.


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