Youth should stay away from all types of drugs – Chief Minister


Youth should stay away from all types of drugs – Chief Minister

Youth should stay away from all types of drugs - Chief Minister

Encouraged citizens to actively participate in the Drug-Free Haryana campaign

Haryana Chief Minister, Sh Manohar Lal urged the state’s youth to distance themselves from all forms of drugs, emphasizing the importance of preserving the future of both the state and the nation. He also highlighted the destructive impact of drug abuse on families and society as a whole.

                        The Chief Minister was speaking during the Rahgiri – Apni Rahe Apni Zindagi program organized in Rohtak today.

                        Addressing the participants, he said, through various initiatives under the Drug Free Haryana campaign, the government is committed to raising awareness about the harmful consequences of drug abuse. He called upon every citizen to actively participate in the noble cause to make Haryana a completely drug-free state.

                        On this occasion, Chief Minister commended the impressive Malkhamb performance by the students of Gurukul Ladhaut and announced a grant of Rs 2 lakh to support Gurukul.

                        In his address, Sh Manohar Lal praised the youth of Haryana, referring to them as shining stars who are driving progress in both the state and the country. Despite the fact that only 2 percent of the country’s population resides in Haryana, the state contributes 11 percent of the soldiers to the Indian army. In addition, Haryana consistently produces top athletes, with almost every third player in various sports hailing from the state.

Youth should stay away from all types of drugs - Chief Minister

The state’s farmers, soldiers, and wrestlers are dhakad

                        Describing the farmers, soldiers and wrestlers of the state as brave, Chief Minister said that the brave soldiers of Haryana do every work with full hard work and dedication. He emphasized the importance of the Rahgiri program in providing relief from the daily stresses of life and promoting a sense of refreshment. The government had organized a Cyclothon for 25 days to spread the message of a drug-free Haryana, covering a distance of about 1978 kilometers and involving the participation of about 5 lakh people.

Mentioned his old connection with Rohtak

                        He also shared his personal connection with Rohtak, where he was born in village Nindana and received his education in Baniyani and Rohtak. He noted that the Rahgiri program is a unique initiative that offers youth a platform to showcase their talents and skills while promoting values of sacrifice, unity, and dedication. Besides the drug-free Haryana campaign, the government is also raising awareness about electricity conservation, water conservation, and environmental protection through marathons and other activities.

Honoured Suhana Saini for achieving the title of the world’s number one table tennis player

                        The Chief Minister also honoured Suhana Saini, the world number one table tennis player, and encouraged other youth to draw inspiration from her achievements. He also appreciated the talents displayed by participants in activities such as painting, mehendi, and wall painting.

                        The message of a drug-free Haryana was also conveyed through a short drama performance during the Rahgiri program. The event also witnessed various activities including tug of war, table tennis, health checkup stalls, and products from self-help groups.

                        Energy and Prison Minister Ch. Ranjit Singh, Lok Sabha MP Dr. Arvind Sharma, BJP state vice president and former Minister Manish Grover, DIG Pankaj Nain as well as officers, employees, and dignitaries from various departments and schools also actively participated in the Rahgiri event.


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