Effective Breathing Exercises can help combat Corona Virus


Online Sessions on Special Breathing Techniques impacted over 96,000 lives amidst COVID Crisis 

  Effective Breathing Exercises can help combat Corona Virus 

While the world is battling the deadly Corona Virus, a unique initiative led by FEED THE SOUL, a Chandigarh based NGO has already impacted 70,000 plus lives and helped them stay safe during this global disaster. The same is achieved by special breathing sessions conducted online engaging the community member to take control of their health. With these special breathing techniques, one can utilize their lung capacity up to 60-70 percent, as against 15 percent in normal conditions.

Coronavirus pandemic

The mentor of the sessions are Shri N J Reddy. He is a founder of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) and Veteran Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force. Sessions are conducted three times a day. One can access these anywhere from across the country using online platforms meant for the purpose, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Users have shared their positive experiences and how they have benefited from the special breathing exercises and healing therapies.

The air we breathe converts into chemicals that we need to fuel our cells and metabolism. The way we breathe matters and even impacts our blood chemistry. Controlled breathing has a positive effect on the body by Lowering cortisol levels, Lowering blood pressure and Improving autonomic (the automatic system in our body that works behind the scene) response to physical and mental stress. It also improvises the arterial blood flow and strengthens the body.

  Effective Breathing Exercises can help combat Corona Virus

Feed the Soul NGO is a group of healers and meditators following YPV teachings, continuously working towards the idea of bringing ‘Heaven on Earth’. The Trust intends to enable a tremendous contribution towards the evolution of mankind and therefore restore the original peace, harmony, and calmness in the lives of people like it was originally envisioned for them.

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